Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th May 2021 Written Episode

Baa asks Anant what he wanted to inform. Anant says he needs divorce from Gehna. Gehna shatters hearing that. Bapuji asks what does he mean, will he divorce Gehna. Anant says he already delayed this task, he was was forcefully married to Gehna by Bapuji and now wants to marry a person he loves and live a happy life with her. Bapuji asks if he didn’t think once what Gehna will think. Anant says Gehna doesn’t need anyone’s help now, he thought she needs his help, but she think she can is self-sufficient and can control others instead; she sometimes alleges Radhika for her fake injuries, sometimes gets herself locked into cupboard and blames Radhika, sometimes she plays like a kid with Sagar, so it’s better they part ways and lead a happy life separately. Baa slaps him and warns to shut up. Anant says nothing can be bad than being with Gehna, nobody can change his decision now, what is wrong if he wants a happy life. Baa warns to slap him again. Radhika holds her hand. Everyone stand shocked seeing that. Radhika says Baa raised hand on Anant for speaking his mind, till when he will live a helpless life and forceful relationship imposed by them, they don’t have right to raise hand on him. Baa says a mother has right to punish her son if he makes a mistake. Radhika says Anant has grown up and they should keep their old thinking to themselves, Anant is an ideal song and they misused his goodness and forced them decisions on him, they should stop at least now.

Gehna warns to dare not speak loud in front of her Baa or any of family members. Radhika says Baa and family come with her husband and when her husband is leaving her, she has lost right on them. Gehna says she will have right on them forever and she will not hear a word against her family. Anant thinks if he had not played a divorce drama, her true colors wouldn’t have come out. Tia asks how can he leave Gehna for Radhika who is already married to such a nice man. Anant says he loves Radhika and she loves him, so they both want to live with each other; thinks he is hurting Gehna to expose Radhika. Pankaj warns him that he is doing wrong. Anant says he doesn’t need anyone’s advice and walks away warning Gehna to be ready to sign divorce papers. Hema asks Kanak if Gehna will stay in this house even after divorce.

Radhika sitting in her gets happy thinking Anant is finally divorcing Gehna. Gehna walks in with bag. Radhika says good she is packing her bag. Gehna backs Radhika’s clothes instead. Radhika shouts if she is out of her mind. Gehna says she will kick her out of Anant’s life and house. Radhika shouts she stoop so low. Gehna warns that Anant just spoke about divorce and hasn’t divorced her yet, so she can sent Radhika to jail for interfering between husband and wife. Anant walks in and says she should send even him to jail as he also made this mistake and she can do whatever she wants as he wants to be with Radhika. Gehna walks away. Radhika provokes Anant that Gehna will not let him divorce her easily. Anant says she should call Vinit first and divorce him on physical and verbal abuse charges and ask her to call Vinit right now. Radhika thinks Vinit finds out about her falsely defaming him, he will file defamation case on her and send her to jail, so she will not speak to Vinit. Anant himself calls Vinit. Radhika disconnects call and says if Fehna doesn’t divorce Anant, she will be left nowhere. Anant asks how can live with Vinit who is such a bad man. She says Vinit has high contacts and will sue her, so Anant should divorce Gehna first and convince his family for that. He says he knows how to convince his family, Gehna will get divorce notice tomorrow morning.

Hema asks Kanak who she looks tensed while she had planned all this for Radhika. Kanak says she planned, but didn’t know it would succeed so fast, she feels there is something wrong as Anant always supported Gehna and fought with family for her and now suddenly he wants to divorce Gehna; she needs to find out if Anant is acting. Hema asks how. Kanak sees Gehna in lawn and asks her to inform Radhika that Anant is calling her in lawn and tell same to Anant. Hema informs them and returns. Radhika and Anant walk to lawn. Kanak drops plant pot towards Gehna and Radhika thinking let her see whom Anant will save. Anant notices that and saves Radhika instead and pushes Gehna down. Kanak thinks she is sure Gehna is out of Anant’s life. Gehna walks away. Anant thinks he knew Kanak is conspiring and made sure when Hema called him here and Kanak threw pot towards Radhika and Gehna, so he pushed Gehna away first and then held Radhika.

Next morning, Kanak walks to Gehna and asks if she didn’t sleep whole night; what happened to her husband who used roam around her suddenly ransacked her; she is a fool as always as she supported Anant always and got him out of jail, even then he easily left her and went back to Radhika; she was engrasped in her illusion while Radhika did her job easily. Anant gathers family and giving divorce papers to Gehna says he breaks all relationships with her, asks her to sign papers. Kanak’s team smirk seeing that.

Precap: Anant insists Radhika to jump with him and commit suicide. Radhika shouts he can die, but she doesn’t want to.

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