Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th May 2021 Written Episode

Anant insists Gehna to sign on divorce papers. Bapuji says he was proud of Anant, but now is ashamed to call him as son and didn’t even think in his dreams that he would do this. Anant says its his life and let him live the way he wants. Pankaj scolds him for misbehaving with Baa and Bapuji and says parents gave him life and he is insulting him, he will always be younger to him and he will punish him if he forces Gehna to sign divorce papers. Chetan says all the problem is because of Radhika and a guest has to leave their house soon or else they will kick her out of house, Gehna will be their family’s younger bahu and will always be. Tia backs him. Anant feels proud of his brothers and asks them not to interfere in his issues and insists Gehna to sign divorce papers. Baa insists Gehna not to sign papers at any cost. Kanak tells Hema that they also should act as on Gehna’s side. Hema says anyways everyone think she is on Gehna’s side. Anant feels proud of his family for supporting Gehna and thinks his family is on the right path and once Radhika’s truth is out, they all will reunite. Radhika holds Anant’s hand and says his whole family left him, but she will be with him always. Anant says they all left his side, now he will file a case in court, Gehna wanted to become a lawyer and should fight her divorce case first. He walks away holding Radhika’s hand.

Gehna walks to her room and cries holding divorce papers, reminiscing Anant insisting her to sgn them. Radhika walks to her grinning and says her life’s decision is already is taken, she should fill the amount on her given cheque book and get out of Anant’s life; she is a servant and should get her salary and get out; she is Anant’s life’s biggest bonding and should free him. Gehna smiles. Radhika says she has gone mad and is in shock as her husband is leaving her. Gehna let us see who will be in shock, picks cheque book and asks if she should transfer all her wealth in her name. Radhika says she knows Gehna’s level, she can write down the amount she wants. Gehna returns her cheque book and says she couldn’t understand the value of relationships, her wealth is Anant who cannot be bought by Radhika’s wealth, so Radhika should get out of her house as she knows Radhika is behind Anant for his money. Radhika says she truly loves Anant and just needs him, she got him finally. Gehna says love is not a stuff to be possessed, love is gained in exchange of love and love means sacrifice themselves in love, which Radhika will not understand. Radhika says divorce paper is in front of her, even then she is overconfident. Gehna says Radhika is overconfident and she should think what what will happen to her once Anant finds her truth. Radhika says she went to tell her truth to Anant and nothing happened. Gehna says Anant will believe her one day as lies cannot hide truth and trying to hide truth, she herself will fall in the trap and cannot come out. She continues that in any relationship, there must be trust, but Radhika’s relationship is on lie and a storm of truth will vandalize her house of lie, so she should be afraid of that storm. Radhika says till yesterday, time was on Gehna’s side and today its on her side, so Gehna should sign the papers if she wants to save her dignity.

Paresh walks to Anant. Anant gives him stick and says he must be angry for his act today, so must be wanting to punish him, so he should vent out his anger now. Paresh hugs him and says he didn’t come to punish him as he knows he is on a path which leads to two roads, Radhika and Gehna as both love him, but he has to choose either Gehna or Radhiika; only his mind knows what he is up to and he should take a right decision, etc.

Gehna cries standing under a tree holding divorce papers. Hiral walks to her and asks if she is not still ashamed, Anant gave her divorce, and if some other woman was in her place, she would have signed papers already; nobody is happy in the family after she married Anant; she would boast that she saved Anant repeatedly, but she is wrong; her fate changed from servant to owner and she tried to insult her bhabis and show her superiority; nobody would keep a servant at home after she divorces Anant; if Tapan had given divorce papers to me, I would have signed them and walked away with my daughter; she wants to become a lawyer, she should sign divorce papers first, become a lawyer and then file a case on Anant, etc.

Radhika walks to Anant and says he shouldn’t worry as they will solve the problem soon. Anant says he is thinking how to take divorce from Gehna and she should think how to take divorce from Vinit. Radhika thinks thank god Anant is divorce Gehna finally. Anant feels sorry for Gehna. Radhika leaves, Gehna walks in, Anant turns and sees Gehna standing.

Precap: Gehna refuses to divorce Anant. Anant tells Radhika that Gehna will not divorce him, so its better they both commit suicide and reunite forever.

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