Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st May 2021 Written Episode

Anant returns home with Radhika after client meeting. Kanak asks how was his presentation. Radhika says it was wonderful. Anant goes in to freshen up. Kanak says her presentation was spoilt by someone, even then she managed to make client happy, so they should celebrate. Radhika says let us party tonight. Gehna says they cannot party tonight as she called Vinit, he is happy with the presentation and is coming to take her home to feed her favorite pani puri as she loves pani puri; she must be tired after working whole night and should rest, where else can she get proper rest than at home. Kanak thinks this dobi duffer’s brain works more than required. Gehna says she will bring her sweets and goes in with Hema. Radhika panics that Vinit will come and take her home, so Kanak should do something. Kanak says she doesn’t have solution for dobi duffer’s attack. Radha slips and smirks saying injury.

Desai family is busy having food when Radhika shouts Anant after self-injuring herself. Anant rushes to her and comes out of bathroom lifting her and makes her lie on a bed. Vinit joins and asks Radhika what happened to her. She says she slipped and sprained her leg, reminiscing Anant coming for her help and she in lieu of standing up switches on shower on them. He lifts her in her hand and takes her out. Anant asks if its paining a lot. She says its really paining a lot and she cannot even move her leg. Gehna says she will call Sapan. Hiral says he is busy in her case. Anant says he will take her to a orthopedist. Radhika asks him to go as he has a flight in 2 hours and its a question of their company’s reputation. He says he will cancel his flight and will take her to orthopedist. She nervously says she is afraid of doctor, he can give her a pain killer and ice pack, once she feels better, then she can take her to doctor. Kanak asks Vinit to leave as they will show her to Sapan once he returns. Baa says Kanak is right, they are all here to take care of Radhika. Vinit leaves. Radhika continues her acting in front of Anant. Gehna asks Anant to change his dress while she changes Radhika’s dress. She brings Radhika’s dress as she cannot even move. Kanak yells at her to go and do her work. Gehna thinks if Radhika is acting.

Sagar searches Gehna and calls her. Tia brings food for him. He asks where is mamma. She says Radhika is injured, so Gehna has gone to her. Sagar cries t hat mamma is angry on him and runs out searching Gehna. His ball falls into Radhika’s room. Radhika kicks it out. Sagar picks it and runs away. Gehna notices that while walking towards terrace to dry clothes. Kanak hurriedly closes Kanak’s room door and asks why is she walking on her feet when she is acting as injured, she should go back to bed and act as in severe pain. Radhika thanks her for her plan. Kanak asks if she remembers her promise. Radhika says of course, but first she wants to kick Gehna out of Anant’s life; then Kanak will be having huge bank balance.

Gehna goes to terrace to dry clothes. Sagar walks to her and requests to talk to him. She scolds him for his mistake. He runs away dropping a note. She reads it that Baal wali aunty is not injured and is acting. Gehna reminisces Anant lifting Radhika. Hema walks to her and asks till when she will compromise, she had promised to fight for her right when her relationship is at right, Radhika is taking her husband away now and she is just watching. Gehna walks down and gathers family and informs them that Radhika is just acting as injured and is fooling them. Kanak warns her to mind her tongue. Paresh says Gehna doesn’t say anything without a reason. Gehna says she will prove that Radhika is acting. Anant asks her to stop alleging Radhika. Gehna says let us go and check Radhika’s injury and insist her for doctor’s checkup. They all agree and follow her. She asks Radhika to let Sapan check up her injury. Radhika denies. Gehna insists that she may be having internal injury and should let Sapan check it. Anant also insists. Radhika says her knee is hurt and she cannot show it to everyone. Gehna says she will apply ointment on her knee and asks everyone to go out. Radhika tells Anant that she already applied ice pack on her knee. Anant asks why she doesn’t want ointment applied on her wound. Gehna says because Radhika is fine and is just acting. Hema says if she is really injured, she would have let Gehna apply ointment. Anant asks why did she lie. Baa asks why did she create such a big drama. Hema says Radhika is exposed. Radhika cries and apologizes Anant. Anant asks what is the use of apologizing now. She says she is apologizing not for the drama which Gehna showed but for the injury she incurred. She shows her wounded knee.

Precap: Radhika shows her knee injury and alleging Gehna tells Anant that she doesn’t have to do drama to stay in his house. Anant shouts at Gehna.

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