Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th May 2021 Written Episode

Bapuji tells Baa that Anant disappointed him with his heinous act, he was his pride. Gehna walks to him and offers him medicine. He denies, but she insists and asks him to look at her. He says he cannot after Anant’s act. Gehna says she was a daughter of this house, fate made a bahu, and god made her Anant’s wife; if her and Anant’s relationship is true, she is sure that he will not let her bend her head and prove that he made this relationship. On terrace, Radhika asks Anant if he is comparing her to an illiterate villager Gehna. Anant says she is right, there is no comparison between her and Gehna; if she is a sword, then Gehna is its sharpness; Gehna always follows relationships while Radhika breaks them; Gehna always supports truth while Radhika is a liar; Gehna considers him as god while Radhika tried to prove her innocent husband as evil; Gehna stood against him denying to give him divorce for his betterment while Radhika stood by him to harm him; Gehna always respected his parents while Radhika insulted his parents in front of him; Gehna is his wife and fought selflessly while Radhika wants to insult Gehna and herself stoop low. Radhika shouts to shut up.

Gehna performs god’s aarti and sings bhajan. Family joins her. Anant tells Radhika that his mom and Gehna always tell that whatever happens is good in life, its true that god sent Radhika back in his life to show her true face or else he would have had her same good image; its good that he didn’t marry her; already a lot of melodrama has happened, so she should pack her bag and get out without any drama before he informs his family about her truth and make them kick her out of house. Gehna prays god to show a right path to Anant.

Anant returns to his room and feels guilty remembering Radhika’s dramas and him blindly supporting her. Radhika holds his feet and pleads to forgive her and not hate him as she is the same Radhika whom he loved before. He asks her to go away from there. She apologizes him for lying and says her love is true for him and he shouldn’t reject it as she cannot live without him. He says she can do whatever she wants to, but get out of here first. She pleads to give he one more chance. He says he will not give her one more chance to betray him, he never thought that he would be betrayed by her; he curses the day when he loved her and she is his life’s biggest mistake. She asks what is he saying. He warns her to get out before he loses his control. She walks away. He thinks why did she betray him. Gehna prays god to give some conscience to Anant to take a right decision as Radhika’s intentions are wrong.

Radhika returns to her room and angrily throws water glass. Hiral walks in and asks why did she throw the glass. Radhika shouts at her to leave her alone for sometime. Hiral insists, Radhika shouts again, Hiral leaves. Radhika thinks Anant thinks he can easily defeat her, but she will play a last move as she knows which pawn to play now. She calls someone to bring her listed stuff in 15 minutes.

Gehna feels Anant is in danger and something is really wrong. Paresh says until she is with Anant, nothing will happen to him; she is his better half and god is always with her. She says he is overconfident on her. He says why shouldn’t he as she always protected Anant. Gehna hopes his trust his not broken and prays god. She then walks to lawn where Radhika clashes with her and thinks that Gehna thinks she won, but she will not let her win and will take revenge from her; the spark in her heart will burn Gehna and Anant’s relationship; her love has turned into hatred now and she has become a storm which will destroy everything.

Hema happily tells Kanak that she both got 2.5 lakhs each from Radhika, don’t know what will she do with so much money. Radhika throws 20 lakhs more in front of them. Kanak says she wouldn’t give them money for free, so what she wants them to do. Radhika asks them to take whole family out of house except Anant. Kanak asks what she wants to do. Radhika says Anant knows her truth from before. Kanak says she doubted already, what she will do now. Radhika asks her to somehow send family out as she knows she can do anything for 20 lakhs. Hema says let us send everyone out. Kanak agrees. Radhika thinks she will defeat Anant in this game and even Gehna can save Anant now.

Precap: Radhika poisons Anant. Gehna senses something is wrong and tells Baa that they should reach home soon.

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