Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st April 2021 Written Episode

Radhika walks into Desai House uninformed and receives aarti from Gehna. Gehna asks what is she doing here early morning. Radhika says today is Anant’s first day of office, so she came to pick him up and discuss about project on the way. Anant asks her to sit while he gets ready and walks to his room. Paresh asks Radhika if she is shocked to know about Anant’s job in her company and he is sure she didn’t know about it. Radhika says she didn’t or else she would have informed them. Hema thinks Radhika is lying, so she has to alert Gehna against her. She takes Gehna to kitchen and asks if she cannot see Radhika and Kanak conspiring against her. Gehna says she is ashamed to think how can a married woman trouble another married woman, she doesn’t want to get into that dirt or else she cannot reach her destiny. Hema asks her not to take Radhika lightly or else Anant will fall into that dirt; she must have realized by now why Radhika hired Anant. Gehna says she trusts Anant and knows he will not break her trust; they married under weird circumstances, which means god made their jodi and Radhika or anyone cannot break it. Hema asks if she will let her sautan take away her husband. Gehna says when situation gets out of control, she will fight for her right.

Gehna packs Anant’s tiffin and offers it to him. Radhika says Anant would have had lunch in office. Gehna says home cooked food is healthy and even Radhika should give home cooked food to her husband when he is around as he told he misses home cooked food. Paresh says Gehna and everyone were praising Radhika’s husband. Anant tells Radha let us go to office and wishes Gehna best of luck for her exam. Gehna says thanku. Radhika also wishes her and leaves with Anant. Gehna says she will go and revise for exam. Kanak asks her if she has geography exam today. Gehna nods yes. Kanak messages someone about it and thinks Gehna will be shocked today.

Gehna is busy writing exam in exam hall when Sagar disguised throw copy chit in front of her to trap her. Teacher (without noticing Sagar near door) notices chit and alleges Gehna that she is cheating in exam and cannot give exam. Gehna pleads that she didn’t cheat. Sagar calls Kanak and asks if she can hear how Gehna is pleading. Kanak says Gehna will go to jail and will fight her own case, he should go and exaggerate the issue. Hema noticing Kanak that she surely has blasted some bomb. Sagar says he will go to principal’s office and explode a bigger bomb. He takes principal to exam hall where principal orders to call police and Gehna’s family. Gehna pleads that she didn’t cheat and knows all the answers. Principal says if she spares her today, it would be injustice to other students. Examiner insists her to call family. Gehna calls Anant, but his phone is not reachable. He takes landline number and informs Bapuji about Gehna cheating in exam. Kanak acting as worried seeing Bapuji tensed asks if something happened. Bapuji tells Baa that he got a call that Gehna cheated in exam and threatend to call police. Kanak says police will arrest Gehna. Baa says Gehna cannot cheat, some evil eyes have fallen on her. Kanak thinks her evil eyes have fallen on Gehna, she should see what she will do next. She tells Bapuji that they should go to exam hall first. Paresh asks Tia to be with Baa and rushes to exam venue with Bapuji. Kanak thinks Anant’s call is not reachable, so Radhika must have done something.

Radhika takes Anant to his cabin. Anant calls Gehna and says its weird that her phone is not reachable and she didn’t even call after reaching examination center. Radhika thinks she has blocked all his calls and will lure him while Vinit is busy outside office in a meeting. She asks Anant not to worry as Gehna will call him after exam. Staff meets Anant and says he is lucky to work under Vinit who is a very good boss. Radhika thinks if Anant will change his perception towards Vinit hearing his goodness.

Baa, Bapuji, Paresh, Kanak, and Hema reach principal’s office. Sagar hides his face and leaves seeing them. Principal says their daughter has cheated in exam. Gehna pleads she didn’t. Bapuji says his daughter cannot cheat. Principal says she has proof and police will reach anytime. Kanak asks if she means Gehna is trying to coverup for her last exam. Principal says that means Gehna is untrustable. Hema asks Kanak to stop her drama. Kanak says Gehna has to suffer for provoking her. Radhika thinks how to prove Anant that Vinit is evil. A staff member clashes with her by mistake and when she falls holds his hand, asks if she is fine and leaves. She gets an idea, calls Vinit and asks him to come here soon as she is not safe here and staff member misbehaved with her. She then smirks and thinks now Anant will see Vinit’s evil form. Police reaches principal’s office and inspector says copying is a serious crime and Gehna will be arrested for cheating in exam.

Precap: Gehna confronts Kanak for conspiring against her.

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