Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd April 2021 Written Episode

Gehna pleads police to let her write exam. Principal says Gehna cannot write exam. Paresh pleads principal to let his daughter write exam in front of her. Principal denies. Paresh calls Anant and finds his phone not reachable. Anant in office sipping coffee misses Gehna’s coffee. He then sees Vinit brutally trashing employee for touching Radhika. Radhika seeing Anant pleads Vinit to spare the employee. Vinit continues trashing employee. Radhika rushes to Anant and tells that Vinit spies on her 24 x 7 and he found out employee touched her by mistake, so he should save employee from Vinit. Anant rescues employee from Vinit. Vinit kicks employee out of job and walks away. Radhika asks Anant if he saw how dangerous Vinit it. Anant says let us go out and speak and goes to get his mobile. Radhika thinks Vinit will go out of town tomorrow and she will romance Anant.

Anant returns and seeing Gehna’s many missed calls calls her to find out what happened in exam center. He rushes to exam center with Radhika where he sees Bapuji pleading inspector to let Gehna write her exam and inspector saying she can’t as Gehna cheated. He says there is no need for Gehna to cheat as she studied hard. Inspector says she has proof and shows him chit. He says this is not Gehna’s handwriting. Inspector takes back chit saying Gehna must have asked someone to write it. Gehna checks chit next and says she cannot take her along. Inspector says she has proof of her sin. Gehna says this is proof of her innocence and says this is geography chit while she has English exam today. Kanak thinks Dobi Duffer tricked her. Principal checks chit and says Gehna is right. Bapuji says he was telling since long even without checking chit that his daughter cannot cheat. Principal sends police away. Kanak asks how can she allege their family bahu without verification. Principal apologizes for the inconvenience and gives extra time to complete Gehna’s exam. Gehna thanks her and walks out with family. Radhika says all the confusing is clear and Gehna is going to write her exam, so they should return to office. Anant says it is proved that someone is trying to trap Gehna, so they all will wait here till Gehna finishes her exma. Radhika fumes that her plan failed again because of Gehna. Kanak fumes thinking Sagar did good job today, but it failed as usual; she will ruin Gehna’s exam somehow soon.

Radhika over phone informs Sagar what happened in exam center. Sagar laughs that Gehna defeated her again. Kanak yells that he did many mistakes and is taunting her. He says she is weak in English and hence didn’t notice Geography paper. She insults him that he is a box of mistakes and gets defeated by Gehna repeatedly, he is fit for nothing and should go and beg on road. Sagar angrily breaks his liquor bottle. Kanak feels good insulting Sagar. Gehna enters with green tea for Kanak. Kanak sees a chit instead and yells at her. Gehna says she told only her that she had geography exam, so she tried to trap her today. Kanak stands shocked. Gehna asks why she wants to ruin her life and change her fate, etc. Kanak tries to overpower her as usual, but Gehna warns her to stop and says she doesn’t want to go against her as she is her jethani. Kanak says enough now, she doesn’t have any proof. Gehna says she doesn’t need any proof always and warns to stop playing with her. Kanak says its waste to talk to her. Gehna says let us talk in front of Baa and Bapuji then. Hema enters and backs Gehna. Kanak takes her aside and says her brother helped her and she will inform everyone about it. Hema gets tensed hearing that, takes Gehna from there and asks her to concentrate on her exams while she takes care of Kanak. Gehna asks why should she bear injustice always. Hema reminds her that she needs to take Vinit and his mother’s photo to his house. Gehna says she will request Anant to accompany her. Hema says she should hold Anant’s hand and tkae him along. Gehna leaves shying.

Hema over phone scolds Sagar to stop falling in Kanak’s trap and stop troubling Gehna as she is really good. Sagar says even she fell in Gehna’s trap, but he will not. He picks apple from a roadside shop and munches it while chatting. Vendor asks him money. He scolds her and asks if she knows who he is. She sees constable and complains that he stole her apple and didn’t pay money. Sagar runs away seeing constables and hides behind garbage bins. Hema asks him to apologize Gehna and surrender himself to police, she will speak to family and Gehna and try to lessen his punishment. He yells to stop her gyaan as his condition is because of Gehna and he will not spare her, he will do something big now and will then apologize Gehna. She asks what will he do. He disconnects call.

Anant sees Radhika’s missed calls and calls her back. Vinit picks call. Anant says he wants to discuss about project with Radhika. Vinit calls Radhika. Anant gets tensed thinking if he made a mistake by calling Radhika in Vinit’s presence. Radhika picks call. Anant asks to just say yes or no as he knows Vinit is there. She provokes him against Vinit again. Anant says he is afraid that Vinit may harm her, he is coming there right now as he is worried for her, she is supporting a wrong man by staying with him and she has to take a decision, etc. Gehna hearing his conversation thinks she should go alone to Vinit’s house. Radhika disconnects call acting afraid.

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