Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd May 2021 Written Episode

Gehna tells Radha that Radhika gave one surprise to her, now she will give her one suprise. She switches on light. Radhika is shocked to see Desai family standing. Kanak (with her trademark one expression for all) thinks dobi duffer Gehna called her father and found out that her mother is fine and brought family back home, reminiscing the incident. Family rushes to unconscious Anant and feed him water. Sapan goes to get his stethoscope and medicine. Baa confronts Radhika that they let her stay at their home, but she stooped so low and harmed Anant when she couldn’t get him. Hiral yells at Radhika next that she will not spare her if something happens to her brother. Gehna tells Radhika that whole family saw her truth. Radhika says doesn’t care what Desai family thinks as she has Anant’s intimate video with her, she will viral it and people will think Desai family are protecting their mischievous boy, nobody can save Anant now. Gehna says she knew Radhika would stoop low and would always do something similar, so she recorded her confession video on her mobile. She says Radha should have become a good wife if not a good lover, she betrayed even her husband who trusts her blindly. Radhika says her husband is mad to blindly love and trust her or else he wouldn’t have let her in this house. Gehna asks why did she marry Vinit then. Radhika says to make Anant feel jealous by showing what he lost, she married Gujurat’s top businessman Vinit to get back Anant and even Vinit didnt realize her fake love and that she still loves Anant.

Vinit enters clapping and confronts Radhika that she made a joke of her feelings, she knows he loves her truly, even then she fooled him. Radhika says Anant tried to molest her and he shouldn’t trust Desai family. Vinit asks her to stop her lies; she wants to say that she is right and Gehna wrong after so much happened here; its good that Gehna called him on time and showed Radhika’s true face. Gehna says Vinit is a good man and she doesn’t want him to under a bad woman’s trap. Vinit says he is ashamed of himself to call her as his wife, she has a stone instead of heart, he will take back all her rights on her and now his lawyer will speak to her with a divorce notice. He walks away while Radhika pleads him to stop.

Radhika then tries to hit Gehna with a vase. Anant stops her and shouts just get lost. Radhika says she truly loves him. Gehna says if she had truly loved Anant, she wouldn’t have made this molestation drama; truly love teaches them to sacrifice for their love, etc., she killed a true love. Baa asks her to get out and says she should see that her family is still standing united and together fought with her. Radhika laughs and says if she thinks she could do all this alone, she doesn’t know that one of her family member supported her in all and she should ask her name. Hema gets tensed that Radhika will take Kanak’s name now and may take even her name, so she should stop Radhika. She yells at Radhika to not blame them to save herself. Radhika says she will inform who is the culprit who helped her and points at Kanak. Kanak stands tensed and acts that whatever wrong happens, she is blamed always; Radhika is wrongly alleging her; family always trusts Gehna even if she is wrong, but they never believe her and blame her even for a slightest mistake which she doesn’t do; they should believe Radhika now and kick her out of house and emotionally blackmails Pankaj. Pankaj says he always trusts her. Radhika says they both are lying, she will expose their truth. Pankaj shouts to shut up. Baa says they will not trust a stranger, asks her to leave, and asks Gehna to send her out. Gehna drags Radhika, pushes her out of house, and warns her to never return back as she. Anant holds her hand and says they both will protect their house from the evil eyes like her.

Precap: Kanak and Hema steal and sell Baa’s jewelry.
Gehna catches them red-handed and threatens to expose them.

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