Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd July 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd July 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd July 2021 Written Episode

Gehna with Kanak returns home. Anant asks why she took so much time from morning walk, he was worried for her. Kanak asks Gehna to tell truth. Gehna nervously says gaadi/car. Kanak says saadi/sari and says she took Gehna to buy her a sari. Anant asks who opens a shop early morning. Kanak says shop keeper said same and hence she will take Gehna back after breakfast. She takes Gehna from there and asks her not to inform Anant what happened as she escaped due to good fate today, all is well that ends well. Gehna thinks Kanak is right, the lady must not have hurt much; she promises Kanhaji that she will start afresh and will inform Anant everything once he looks normal. Anant walks towards his car. After sometime, Gehna with Kanak serves breakfast to family. Baa asks about Hema. Police enters and asks if its Hema’s house, she met with an accident sometime ago. Chetan reacts in shock. Inspector says its a hit and run case at Chowpada road, he has an eye witness and soon car and its driver will be caught. Gehna drops plate hearing that.

Chetan with Pankaj, Paresh, Kanak, and Gehna reaches hospital and seeing Hema’s condition shouts who did this to his Hema. Gehna reminisces hitting a lady/Hema while learning car driving. Anant gets Bapuji’s call and rushes towards hospital. Chetan asks doctor about Hema’s condition. Doctor says she has internal injures and if she doesn’t get conscious in 24 hours, she may go into coma permanently; these kind of cases usually come here where untrained drivers ram innocent people and run away. Gehna tensed murmurs that she did Hema’s accident. Pankaj asks if she did Hema’s accident. Kanak stops her and says Gehna had to bring grocery and Hema went instead, so Gehna is blaming herself. She takes Gehna out and asks to stop blaming herself or else Pankaj and Chetan will not spare her. Gehna reveals that the lady who came under her car was wearing same clothes. Kanak is shocked and blames that Hema’s condition is because of her and she made a big sin. Gehna says she was trying to say this since morning, now she will inform truth to whole family. Kanak says she can inform everyone and if something happens to Hema, she will not spare her.

Anant rushes to hospital. Gehna visits hospital temple and thinks she should gather courage and inform truth to everyone. Anant asks what truth and making her sit asks why she looks so afraid. She blabbers. Pankaj calls Anant and informs that inspector called and informed that the accident car is found and its in dispensary’s parking lot. Gehna rushes towards parking lot and hears inspectors discussing that its Anant’s car and made an accident and escaped. She says she made this accident. Anant reminisces car keys with Gehna and rest of the incidents. He tells inspector that he did this accident. Gehna says she did and Anant is innocent. Anant takes her aside and says she was lying since so many days, he thought she is innocent but lied him after making such a big accident, she is a sinner. Gehna requests to listen to her once. He asks if she knew she made a accident. She says yes. He asks why did she hide such a big truth, looks like she doesn’t value him and his family, even then he values her and will lie that he did this accident. She pleads not to do that. He asks inspector to arrest him as he did this accident. She says she did. He asks not to trust his wife as she is a habitual liar. Inspector says let us see who did this accident and asks constable to bring an eye witness. Anant thinks Gehna will go to jai. Constable brings eye witness who says this is the same car. Inspector asks who was driving the car. Eye witness says he couldn’t see the face but is sure that a man was driving and no one else was present. Inspector arrests Anant and takes him in jeep. Gehna continues blabbering she did this accident. Pankaj stops her and says they will bail out Anant, but can’t understand why he took blame on himself. Paresh says even he can’t understand, he will get him out soon. Chetan asks why did Anant lie. Gehna says she was driving Anant’s car when she rammed Hema.

Precap: Gehna apologizes Baa for her mistake. Baa slaps her and says she cannot call her Baa until Anant is out of jail, Gehna is her house’s most incompetent bahu. Kanak grins hearing that.

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