Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th April 2021 Written Episode

Gehna with family walks into Sagar’s hospital room. Hema panics seeing Sagar unconscious and being tied. She asks doctor why he has tied her bhaila. Doctor informs that Sagar has lost his memory and has become violent, so he is dangerous to himself and others; they should go from here as patient will get violent seeing them. Hema pleads to let her speak to her bhaila. Sagar opens and gets uncontrollable. Doctor tries to feed him medicine and he spits it away. Hema tells Sagar that she will set things right and frees his hand. He pulls Hema’s hair. Everyone free Hema from him. Kanak shouts at Sagar to behave with his Hema behen. He throws food on her. Gehna warns him to behave. He then acts as a child and says sorry aunty, he will not misbehave again. Hema asks why her bhaila is behaving like a child. Doctor says his mental state is of a child now and they should shift him to a rehab center as he cannot keep such patiennts here . Hema says she will take her bhaila home. Chetan says they cannot take dangerous patient home. Hema pleads.

Hema over phone informs her father that Sagar has lost his memory and is acting like a child, what if he gets lost, etc. Gehna thinks if Sagar has really lost his memory or is acting. She walks to Sagar and asks to stop acting to escape from police and gives him a letter stating she has taken back complaint against him, so he should take this letter and go away from their life. Sagar reads letter and looks happy. Gehna leaves. After sometime, Hema tells Gehna that her bhaila is missing. Paresh asks her to calm down. Gehna thinks her doubt is right, Sagar escaped after she gave him consent letter. Sagar enters throwing letter on her and calling her mamma says he is playing with kite. Gehna thinks if Sagar has really lost her memory. Sagar asks Gehna mamma to ake her home. Hema says they cannot send him to rehab center, where will he go now. Gehna says Sagar will go home with them and she will take care of him at home. Sagar asks if she is promising, they will play a lot at home. Doctor holds him. Sagar pleads to save him from doctor’s injection. Gehna asks him to stay at hospital today, she will take him home tomorrow. Sagar agrees and walks away with doctor. Kanak thinks dobi duffer doesn’t know she is taking a storm home, this problem’s beginning was so terrible and end will be much worst.

Gehna returns home. Baa asks why did she take such a big decision, its not difficult to handle Sagar in this condition. Gehna says she will. Kanak asks if she is a doctor or pandit, its very difficult to handle violent patients and what if he attacks children. Hiral yells at Gehna that she has become bahu of this house forcefully and should not act as it owner. Hema asks why didn’t she resist when Anant brought Radhika home. Hiral says its Anant’s house and he can bring anyone he wants to. Hema says even Gehna is Anant’s wife. Hiral says Anant is a son and Gehna a bahu, so doesn’t have any right to take decisions. Hema says Baa and Bapuji never differentiated between beta and bahu. Bapuji says Hema is right, but even Hiral and Kanak are right that its difficult to handle violent patients. Sapan says violent patients should be treatment in rehab centers and not at home, so she should let Sagar’s father take the decision. Gehna argues what if this had happened to one of their family, had they treated him/her similarly, etc. Anant enters and takes Gehna with him saying he needs to talk to her.

Radhika angrily walks to Vinit. Vinit asks why she looks angry. She asks why did she risk his life to help Gehna. He says he did what felt right, if everything is alright there. She fumes that Gehna always acts stupid, she wants to take Sagar home this time. Vinit says Gehna has a big heart and Radhika’s opinion regarding Gehna was wrong, Gehna knows to keep family united. Radhika says even she can do what Gehna did, so there is nothing great in it.

Anant tells Gehna that he will not let Sagar stay at home after what he did. Gehna says Sagar is Hema’s brother and they should support her in this situation. He says they cannot trust Sagar. She says she has promised Hema on their behalf and says Sagar has borne his punishment and with a child’s mind, his evilness has gone and he will change; even then if he thinks she is wrong, she will do as he says. He says she has to study for her exams and cannot ruin her dreams for Hema’s sake. Gehna assures she will not until he is with her. Radhika calls Gehna and asks him to come to office early as they need to make an important presentation tomorrow. He agrees. Radhika thinks Gehna ruined her day today, but she will do whatever she wants tomorrow.

Precap: Anant threatens to cut Radhika’s hair and runs behind her with scissors. Anant scolds him and orders to give him scissors. Sagar denies. Gehna stops him.

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