Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th May 2021 Written Episode

Gehna and Anant shut door on Radhika. Radhika walks away crying. Sagar jumps saying goondi aunty went away. Bapuji praises Gehna and Anant and apologizing Anant says how can he think that his son can be wrong. Pankaj hugs and apologizes Anant next for scolding him. Paresh says whatever Anant is doing is for family’s betterment. Baa apologizes Anant next for not trusting him. He apologizes hger for hiding Radhika’s truth from family. Gehna says Radhika had to be exposed as one who does mistakes repeatedly cannot escape. Kanak gets tensed and says they all need rest now, especially Anant. Baa says Kanak is right and asks Gehna to take Anant to their room. Everyone walk away. Kanak fumes in front of Hema that dobi duffer Gehna spoilt all the plan. Hema says they escaped today or else they also would have been kicked out of house like Radhika.

Next morning, Gehna is busy cooking when Anant walks to her and apologizes her for hurting her. Gehna says its okay as all is well that ends well. He asks her to call him Anant and not Anant ji. She shies. He insists. She nervously says she can’t. He says he will carry away salt bottle then. She says old habit will not go easily. He says he will speak to her only when she calls him Anant. She nervously says Anant. He says very good and says he will help her in kit hen and will prepare coffee. She says no need Anant.

Radhika calls Kanak. Kanak says looks like she left India. Radhika demands her money back. Kanak says Radhika gave her 25 lakhs to take whole family out of house except Anant , she finished her task and its not her mistake if Radhika’s plan failed. Radhika says she didn’t do her job properly, she sent family out but not Gehna who brought even Vinit there who wants divorce from her. Kanak says she spent that money. Radhika says she is a shrewd businesswoman and has recorded video of handing over her money and she talking about separating Anant and Gehna, so she will expose her if she doesn’t return her money. Hema walks in to call her for breakfast. She asks Hema to take back money from her father. Hema speaks to her father who informs that he lost all the invested money. Kanak sits tensed. Hema says losses happen in business. Kanak says she will kill her. Hema says she will go to jail then. Kanak says Radhika wil send her to jail anyways. Hema says Radhika’s story ended last night. Kanak informs that Radhika threatened to return her money or else she will expose them in front of family, now they will go to jail.. Hema says let us ask money from Baa. Kanak blabbers and says why would Baa give them money, then says she is right.

Baa feels headache. Gehna presses Baa’s head. Baa senses someone pressing her legs and seeing Kanak and Hema asks if they need something. Hema says she can give them a lot. Baa asks what. Kanak says they need her love and blessings and asks Gehna to bring oil to massage Baa’s legs. Gehna goes to get oil. Kanak thanks Baa for supporting her and hugs her . Baa says who else she will support than family. Kanak signals Hema who steals Baa’s locker keys. Gehna returns. Kanak says there is a lot of tension in family after the recent events, so they should play cards to relax. Baa says its a good idea, she used to play cards with Bapuji before. Gehna with Anant makes arrangements in garden and goes to get other stuff. Paresh hearing Gehna calling Anant by name jokes with Anant that now Gehna replaced Radhika in his heart. Anant emotional says Radhika betrayed him, but he truily loved her; he exposed Radhika and kicked her out of house, but how will he remove the pain in his heart; he saw his heart breaking and he got 10 times more pain than he loved; he knows Gehna is a good and trustable girl, but he cannot trust anyone now. Gehna returns with juice and smiles at Anant. Paresh says he didn’t say anyting, its god’s signal. Anant shies.

Family gathers. Radhika messages Kanak again to return her money. Kanak fumes in anger. Pankaj asks if she is tensed. She says no and says let us play cards now. Gehna informs Anant that she doesn’t know to play cards. Baa says they all will teach her. Anant teaches Gehna and says let us start game. Pankaj says they all should first bet their most loved thing. Bapuji says he loves Gehna’s prepared tea and will bet it, Hiral says she will reduce usint mobile phone, Kanak says she will bet her make up kit. Anant asks what should he bet. Gehna says his anger. Paresh says she is right. Anant asks when he got angry. Baa backs him. Sagar says pappa gets angry a lot and he bets not to use his football for a week. Hema bets her snacks/chips. Bapuji says Baa will bet not to use her old stuff and jokes. Paresh bets not to eat sweets for a week. Pankaj says he will bet his baby, he means he will not call Kanak as baby. Kanak asks Gehna if she will bet Anant as he is most important to her.

Precap: Kanak and Hema steal and sell Baa’s jewelry. Gehna catches them red-handed and threatens to expose them.

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