Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th May 2021 Written Episode

Desai family play cards game and bet their most loved thing. Kanak says Gehna didn’t bet her most favorite thing her, will she bet Anant. Gehna says family is her most favorite and since Kanak is part of her family, shall she bet Kanak. Anant says Gehna will bet pani puri. Gehna says she doesn’t know to play this game and if she loses, she cannot have pani puri. Hema says she will win for sure. Kanak says if her cards are not good, she shouldn’t play. Hema thinks she got really good cards today, but for money she has to lose the game. She drops out of game and walks away to bring snacks for family. Kanak asks to show their cards. Hema opens Baa’s locker and steals jewelry. Gehna also drops out of game. Anant says her cards were good and teaches her game. Paresh thinks Gehna is innocent and loves Anant immensely. Baa feels unwell. Bapuji asks if she didn’t have medicine and asks Gehna to bring Baa’s medicines. Gehna leaves. Kanak gets tensed and herself rushes to Baa’s room. Hema gets tensed seeing someone coming. Kanak says Gehna was coming to take Baa’s medicine, but she stopped her; asks her to go and give jewelry to buyer soon. Family continues playing game. Kanak thinks let anyone win, she is the real winner to day. After game, Gehna picks Hema’s cards and noticing 3 Aces thinks according to Anant, Hema should have won. She asks Anant same who confirms it. She feels something is wrong.

Early morning, Hema and Kanak rush out to sell jewelry when Gehna walks to them and asks where are they going early morning. Kanak asks why she is questioning. Gehna says she came to pick water and is just asking. Kanak and Hema leave fuming. They handover bag to buyer saying it has more than 25 lakhs worth jewelry and he should give money and leave soon. Buyer sees stones in bag and walks away returning bag to them. Hema sees stones and a note in bag and thinks who must have done this. Gehna walks to them and says they shouldn’t be surprised as she changed their bag, she reveals how she doubted them after game and purposefully clashed with Hema in the morning and exchanged jewelry bag. She confronts them for stealing jewelry. Kanak yells that she stole jewelry because of Gehna and reveals how she lost Mrs Surat’s competition and status in family because of Gehna, so she helped Radhika to get Anant back and separate Gehna from Anant, she wanted to help Pankaj with the money from stolen jewelry and kick Gehna out of house. Gehna cries that they always insulted her, considered her as servant, tried to stop her studies, troubled her always; she will not let them separate her from Anant, they did a sin of stealing Baa’s jewelry, now she will expose their heinous act to family and they should justify their act to family.

Gehna walks to kitchen to prepare breakfast and thinks she will inform family about Kanak and Hema’s heinous act after breakfast. Hema holds her feet and pleads not to inform family as she stole jewelry for her husband children’s sake. Gehna says not this time, she will not let them walk out easily as they will continue their heinous acts else. Kanka walks in and says if she informs family, they will do whatever they want and walks away with Hema. During breakfast, Gehna thinks she will inform family about Kanak and Gehna now. Pankaj and Chetan walk in crying and inform that Kanak and Hemaa have written a letter that they made a big mistake and hence leaving home with their clothes. Family console them. They both cry that they couldn’t give the respect their wives deserve, they cannot live without them, etc. Bapuji says no mistake is bigger than family. Anant and Paresh go to search Hema and Kanak. Baa prays god to protect her family. Gehna thinks she wanted to expose Kanak and Hema, but didn’t realize what family will feel without them. Anant and Paresh return. Baa asks where are Kanak and Hema. Anant says they didn’t want to come, but we convinced and brought them home. Kanak and Ema return with their bag. Pankaj tells Kanak that she knows he cannot live without them. Baa asks why will they leave house. Kanak says they always insulted Gehna and considered her as servant, they supported Radhika against Kanak. Hema says they are at mistake.

Precap: Gehna asks director which ad they are shooting for. Director says a soap ad and gives her skimpy dress to wear. Gehna denies to wear it. Producer insists she has to wear it.

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