Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2021 Written Episode

Gehna asks Sagar why did he try to harm Radhika. Sagar describes what happened and says that aunty is really bad. Anant on the other side tells that Sagar is very dangerous and can do anything. Gehna tells Sagar that he is a good boy and shouldn’t do anything wrong. He agrees and promises her. She says she will bring food for him and walks towards door. Hema gets emotional noticing that and says she and her brother did so wrong to her, even then she forgave Sagar and fought with family for him. Gehna says she opposed Sagar’s misbehavior, but today Sagar is right. Hema with teary eyes thanks her. Radhika provokes Anant against Gehna that Gehna did wrong by trusting Sagar and bringing him home. Gehna enters and hearing their conversation tries to leave. Anant noticing her stops her. She says she thought they are discussing something important. Radhika says Gehna did wrong by trusting Sagar and bringing him home. Anant says they don’t even know if Sagar has really lost his memory or is acting. Gehna says she used to hate Sagar for his heinous acts, but for the first time she doesn’t hate him. Anant says Sagar is fooling her, he was bad before and is same now. Gehna says a girl can sense a man’s wrong intention, Sagar is not wrong this time. He says she is taking decisions herself against family. She says even he took many decisions himself since a some time and she didn’t question him as she trusts him and is not afraid of an outsider, looking at Radhika, and asks him to trust even her. Radhika asks if she called her an outsider. Gehna says she cannot call Radhika an insider as she is an insider. Radhika asks if she is not at risk from Sagar. Gehna says Sagar gets violent only if he is provoked. Radhika says Sagar tried to harm her. Gehna asks her not to interfere between her and Anant and its their family issue. Radhika says she cannot misbehave with her. Gehna says she is just reply her questions. Anant asks Gehna not to misbehave with Radhika. Gehna apologizes Radhika and says even then she should interfere in their family issues as she knows how to handle problems on her family. She walks away. Radhika complains against Gehna again. Anant asks her not to misinterpret Gehna as she is so good that she thinks good about bad people and he is angry on her for safety.

Gehna takes food for Sagar. Sagar says he doens’t want to have food as she will feed him and then make him sleep with medicine and then go away. She says she will not go anywhere. He takes promises and finishes food. She then feeds him medicine and makes him sleep and asks Tia to wait near Sagar till she cooks food and returns. Tia mimics Sagar and says even she feels that Sagar would get living in this house.

Radhika walks to Kanak fuming and complains against Gehna. Kanak says she should be happy that all the cards are in her favor as Sagar will clear the bridge between her and Anant’s love story and kick Gehna out of their lives. Radhika asks how. Kanak shows her medicine bottle and says this is the one which Gehna gives to Sagar and she exchanged it, Sagar’s condition will deteriorate with this medicine and Gehna wouldn’t even know about it. Radhika praises her idea.

Gehna with whole family nervously waits for her exam result online. Baa assures her that she will pass with good marks. Tia asks when will her result come. Gehna says 5 minutes more. Radhika walks in and asks if they are waiting for something. Anant says Gehna’s results and its on the way. Gehna says result came, enters her roll number and looks sad while Kanak smirks. Anant asks why she looks upset. Gehna reminisces all the events in exam hall. Paresh asks to speak. Bapuji says something is wrong, he realized what happened, and asks Gehna not to get sad. Radhika says Gehna will pass next year and should be happy that at least she tried this time. Hema also consoles Gehna. Kanak says she brought gift for Gehna and will give it to her as best of luck for next year. Anant asks her not to worry as she worked her. Gehna says sorry, she secured first class. Anant says its okay, then realizing he heard first class happily tries to hug her. Family shies. Anant happily praises Gehna and tells Radhika that he told her that Gehna would pass with good marks. Tia says she frightened them. Paresh says this calls for a party. Sagar enters dancing and dances with Gehna saying mamma passed exam and he needs party. Gehna says she will. Paresh says Gehna will cook food as party is incomplete without it. Radhika says she will prepare food today as she didn’t bring gift for Gehna. Baa agrees. Everyone’s get sad hearing that. Radhika thinks she will prepare tasty food and fail Gehna.

Radhika prepares food and asks Kanak to taste it. Kanak says its yummy. Radhika mixes chilli powder in it and says she wants to make it best as Desai family is habituated with Gehna’s typical bland food; her Anant used to love continental and international dishes, but here is having bland food; she will prepare mughlai dishes for Deasi family and will prove her culinary skills. Sagar enters and frightens them. Radhika scolds him. Sagar says he came to apologize her as mamma told he shouldn’t misbehave with elders. Radhika says its okay and asks him to leave. He asks not to add hair in food today. She says okay and complains Kanak that Sagar has become more dangerous. Kanak asks to forget Sagar and concentrate on defeating Gehna.

Precap: Radhika tells Gehna that she forgot whom she is speaking to. Gehna says she knows she is Gehna Anant Desai and Radhika is Radhika Vinit Virani. Radhika says its a matter of time. Gehna says she should give her precious time to her husband.

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