Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th May 2021 Written Episode

Gehna gets tensed thinking if bhabis don’t return Radhika’s 25 lakhs by 12 noon, they will be sent to jail. Ad agency owner says he cannot pay her money in advance. She says she will work hard as its her first contract. Owner agrees to pay her money in advance. She says looking at skimpily clad models’ pics says she will not wear short and revealing dresses. Owner says his ads are played in family channels, so she need not worry. Assistant gives her contract papers to sign. She sees contract in English and thinks of taking Anant’s help, but gets Kanak’s call. She asks if she has to work for long hours as she needs to go home early and cook food. Owner says she need not worry and gives her money cheque. She thanks them for helping her on time. Assistant says you are most welcome and let us meet tomorrow for the shoot. Gehna happily leaves. On the other side, Kanak and Hema get tensed seeing only 5 minutes left. Radhika threatens them that not even 5 minutes are left and they will go to jail. Kanak pleads her not to. Radhika says if they think she will spare them easily for what they did and picks phone to call police. Hema smiles. Radhika asks if she has gone mad in shock. Kanak says she will be shocked instead seeing Gehna coming. Gehna walks to Radhika and before offering her cheque asks her to delete video in her mobile. Radha says she is smart and deletes video. Hema records Radhika receiving cheque from Gehna. Gehna warns her to dare not eye on her family again. Hema and Kanak taunt Radhika. Radhika warns Gehna that her goodness is not good for her and whom she is helping will backstab and strangulate her soon; she further curses her for snatching her love from her. Gehna blesses her to get a true love. Radhika warns her to stop her lecture and act of greatness as she will repent one day. Kanak and Hema thank Gehna for saving them and hug her. Gehna says lets go home.

At Desai House, Tia shows Pankaj and Kanak’s wedding pics to Baa and Bapuji and says Pankaj looks happy as if he got a princess. Pankaj says his Kanak is not less than a princess. Bapuji says Pankaj is his prince. Baa asks where are 3 bahus. Paresh sees them coming and informs Baa. Baa seeing Kanak and Hema happy asks reason. Anant thinks he knows Gehna helped bhabis even after his warning. Gehna apologizes Kanhaji for not informing about bhabis’ problems and thinks of informing family about her modeling contract. Baa asks her to get tea for them. Kanak says she will prepare special masala tea for her and everyone. Gehna agrees and tells family that she wants to share a news with them and informs she signed a modeling contract. Kanak prepares tea smilingly. Hema asks if she wants to become Gehna’s servant in exchange of her help. Kanak says its true that Gehna helped them and gave 5 lakhs more, she will not call her dobi duffer from hereon and will let her fulfill her small dreams of cooking, romancing Anant, and study and I will concentrate on her modeling dream.

Anant scolds Gehna for signing modeling contract without informing him and walks away saying she can do whatever she wants. Baa asks how can she take such a big step without informing them. Baa says when Gehna has decided, they should support her. Paresh says let us let Gehna pursue her modeling dream. Baa says she doesn’t mind her bahus progressing, but she should have informed Anant at least as husband and wife are one and they together should take a decision. Gehna thinks she did wrong by not informing Anant about it and apologizes Baa. Baa says she will forgive her this time and says Anant is angry and she should go and convince him. Sapan says he thinks Anant is angry for some other reason and not because of modeling contract. Baa says she also feels same and wishes Gehna all the best. Baa and Paresh also congratulate her. Tia says she wiil proudly inform her friends that this supermodel is her bhabhi and she will teach her modeling. Gehna says he will go and convince Anant first and leaves. Kanak and Hema get jealous hearing that. Hema tells Kanak that Gehna stole her biggest dream of modeling and helped them for family’s sake, they should continue their enmity with her. Kanak says whenever she thinks good for Gehna, she harms her, this time she stole her modeling dream and now she will not let her live in peace and ruin her dream.

Precap: Ad agency owner forces Gehna to change her dress and tells assistant that Gehna is a big dramebaz. Anant sees that and slaps owner.

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