Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th February 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th February 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th February 2021 Written Episode

Inspector arrests Mr. Anant on the charges of betrayal. Family surround Ananth and Baa/Bapuji request inspector not to arrest Anant as he is a responsible citizen and they will take his responsibility. Inspector drags Anant out. Sagar smirks and thinks his puppets must be waiting outside to insult Anant. Bapuji asks Anant not to worry as he is with him. Gehna rushes to Anant. Anant angrily shouts marrying her was his life’s biggest mistake. Family runs behind, Gehna says she will not them take Anant, Baa says her son is innocent, Baa says inspector should arrest her as she lost the file and will find it soon. Inspector asks not to do interfere in their duty. Sagar signals his puppets. One starts that he cannot believe that Anant Desai can betray the nation. Another says he went abroad not for studies but to betray nation. A lady says they were proudly saying he is Praful’s son, same son has brought shame on them and is a betrayer, so they should blacken his face. Family stands shocked while Kanak’s team smirks. Lady smears her hand with ink to smear on Anant’s face. Kanak thinks this black ink was not part of his plan, its going overboard now. Lady walks towards Anant saying she will see who will stop her from blackening Anant’s face. Gena says she will stop her as Anant is not a betrayer. Inspector sends lady away and orders constable to put him in jeep. Anant shouts again that he is repenting marrying her. Jeep leaves, and Gehna runs behind it. Baa cries vigorously. Whole family cries to control her.

After sometime, Kanak with Hema walks to Sagar and asks him to handover file to her as she was worried that police may find it. Sagar reminisces burying it underground. Kanak insists where did he hide the file, she knows he called puppets to insult Anant, if he is planning something big. Sagar thinks this file is his weapon to get Gehna; says police will catch her if its found, so she hid it where nobody can find it, especially Gehna.

Baa continues to panic. Gehna offers her water. Baa reminisces Anant saying that he made a big mistake marrying her and throws water away. she angrily shouts shut up and says because of Gehna, police arrested her son and he is defamed. Bapuji tries to stop her. Baa warns not to interfere as her son’s job and dignity is gone because of Gehna; she shouts at Gehna to get out of her house. Paresh and Bapuji try to stop her again in vain. Baa warns either she or Gehna will stay in this house. Gehna says nobody will stop Baa today; she agrees that its all started because of her and she will end it, she is leaving house and promises that she will not enter house until she brings Anant back home. She walks out of house reminiscing her graha pravesh. Kanak and Hema walk to her smirking. Gehna reminisces Kanak kicking Gena out of house and challenging her. Kanak thinks Anant got karavar/imprisonment and Gehna got Vanvas/exile. Gehna sits outside home, reminisces Anant’s encouraging words, and thinks she need not worry and alone has to prove Anant innocent. Sagar walks to her and says people for whom she worked so hard kicked her out of house. He says he will make her Jamnagar’s queen if she comes with him, thinks she has to come to him. Gehna think she will go to take file from him as she knows he stole it.

Anant in police station reminisces people insulting. Inspector asks constable to give him water and tells Anant that he will prove himself guilty if he keeps quiet, he looks to be a good man, so he should inform them about the file before court proves him guilty. Anant says he would have informed him at home instead if he knew about the file, he is surprised that file disappeared from his house. Inspector says file disappeared from his room. Anant says he is suffering because of that. Gehna enters and says he is not guilty as file is not with him and must be with one of family members. Anant asks her to go home. She says she will go with him after proving him innocent and clearing the black mark from his forehead. He asks to stop it and go from here. She says she will not. He says he is finished, their relationship, etc. Gehna says she will find the file even if its in Patal and will prove him innocent, its Gehna Anant Desai’s promise to him. He says she did whatever she could and he doesn’t want t see her face. Inspector asks constable to take Anant in. Gehna thinks Anant taught her to move ahead and become an new Gehna, she will become same and will not accept defeat.

Precap: Gehna meets Sagar and says she realized that only he cares for her and asks if he will accompany her. He agrees. She thinks Savitri fought for her husband, even she will fight against Mahishasur for her husband.

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