Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th November 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th November 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th November 2021 Written Episode

Baa sends Gehna out of her room, draws line, and says Gehna and her family is not welcome in her room. She says she drew this line once and forgave her, but this time Gehna has crossed her limits and if she or her family crosses this line, she herself will leave this room. She closes door on Gehna face. Bapuji says its not Gehna’s mistake. Gehna pleads Baa to not send her daughter away from her. Anant walks to Gehna and asks what happened. Gehna says she wants to meet Baa, she with her mother and sister didn’t plan ay conspiracy. Anant consoles her.

Swara gets ready for a dance performance. Kusum says she is looking very beautiful. Swara says once she becomes a famous heroine and earns fame and wealth, she will dump Pankaj and live happily. Kusum praises her idea and makes her sit on a decorated bed like a bride. Pankaj enters room. Kusum emotionally blackmails him that her daughter’s life is in his hands now. Pankaj says she need not worry. Anant on the other side gives example to Gehna and explains that one has to plan well before taking any step just like her mother and sister planned well and even burnt their house as part of their house, even they should use saam daam dand bhed like them to tackle them. Gehna says her own sister and brother betrayed her, she will protect her family from them. Pankaj tells Swara that until his mother accepts her, they will not consummate their marriage. Swara acts as agreeing and thinks even she doesn’t to get intimate with him and just wants to fool him; she will break Gehna’s said 4 pillar of this house.

Surat Mahila Mandal members meet Baa and says since she is a trust and gave huge donations every year, they expect same even this year. Gehna serves them tea and snacks. Members say they have organized best bahu competition even this year and wants Gehna to participate as she was last year’s winner. Gehna denies citing family issues. They insist. Kusum enters with Swara and Pankaj and says this year even Swara will participate in competition. Member says this is bahu competition and not Beti competition. Kusum says even Swara is a bahu. Gehna tries to send them in. Swara tells Pankaj that his family feels ashamed of her. Pankaj says Swara is his wife. Members discuss that she is that same lewd dancer and leave discussing that Kanak was way better than her. Swara says she will compete with her devrani and will win the competition for sure.

Once whole family leaves, Gehna asks Swara what she needs. Swara says she got what she wanted and will get whatever she wants to in the future. Gehna says she fooled Pankaj, but cannot fooled her. Swara challenges her that she will fulfill all her wishes at once and asks what is Gehna’s wish. Gehna says she will fail all her plans. Swara challenges that Gehna cannot do anything. Gehna twists her hand and says nothing is precious than dignity and she needs to earn it. Back in room, Swara emotionally blackmails Pankaj and says his family will never accept her. Pankaj takes Swara down and insists for Swara’s muh dikhayi ritual/welcome ceremony. Family denies. Hema passes comments. Swara says its okay if her muh dikhayi ritual is not performed. Pankaj praises her concern for family and says he will perform ritual then. Baa agrees to perform Swara’s ritual. Anant tells Gehna that Swara made her move, now its their turn. Gehna burns matchstick and tells Pankaj doesn’t know that Swara is a fire and he is burning himself.

Kusum laughs with Swara describing how they fooled Desai family. Swara gets a call from dance organizer who informs that dance performance is around 7 p.m. She thinks she cannot miss 1 lakh rs and decides to skip muh dikhayi ritual. Gehna and Anant pay organizer and decide to expose Swara during muh dikhayi ritual. Guests visit Desai house for ritual and wait for Swara. They praise Jamna for getting rid off Kanak and getting a new bahu. Gehna thinks she will expose Swara today, gets tensed seeing Swra already sitting wearing a veil. Anant pulls her aside. Gehna says their plan failed. Anant shows Swara’s dancing video and reveals that someone else is sitting in Swara’s place. Gehna brings Pankaj and asks him to sit next to Swara. Kusum gets tensed thinking Swara left a doll in her place and now everyone will know about it. She switches off lights. Once Swara enters, she exchanges doll with Swara and drapes veil over her again. Power goes off. Gehna removes veil and finds Swara sitting there.

Pankaj gives Swara a tight slap. Gehna asks what did he do. Anant says Pankaj saw Swara’s video. Pankaj confronts Swara for dancing for money and leaving a doll in her place for muh dikhayi ritual. Kusum remembers exchanging doll. Pankaj asks why did they betray him. Kusum says sometimes what they see is not true. Gehna thinks Pankaj is deeply hurt. Anant says they didn’t want Pankaj to suffer, so they showed Swara’s true face to him. Pankaj says he doesn’t accept this marriage of betrayal and will end it right here.

Precap: Swara tells Gehna if she gets on her side, they both will rule over Desai family. Gehna agrees.

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