Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th April 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th April 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th April 2021 Written Episode

Tia gets ready Gehna and says she is looking princess charming and her brother Anant will be mesmerized with her beauty. Anant walks in and asks if she is ready, let us go to watch play. Gehna happily walks with him. They reach lawn where Sagar gives Gehna best mother’s sash and saying surprise throws paper bits in air on her and jumps happily. Family joins. Kanak tells Radhika that now colorful papers are flying, soon their happiness will fly away. Radhika thanks her for her plan. Kanak says Radhika couldn’t stop Anant and Gehna from going out, she stopped them. Anant noticing Sagar tore his presentation papers and angrily scolds Sagar, tells Gehna that he told her not to bring this disaster home. Gehna asks what happened. Anant says Sagar tore his presentation papers. Radhika acts. Hiral yells she told them earlier not to bring this problem home. Anant asks Sagar why did he take his presentation papers from his room. Kanak reminisces going to Sagar and suggesting him to gift his mamma. Sagar asks what should he gift his mamma. Kanak says he should shower colorful paper bits/confetti on her like they do during birthday party. He says she is right as her mamma is very good and more beautiful than Kanak, but where will he get papers from. She asks who studies well in this house. He says mamma. She asks him to bring all the waste papers available in his mamma’s room’s dustbin.

Gehna scolds him why did he do that. He says he took papers from dustbin. Radhika reminisces putting all presentation papers in dustbin and waiting till Sagar picks them from dustbin. She acts tensed and tells Anant that she is afraid and don’t know how Vinit will react. Bapuji tells Anant that Sagar did a mistake unknowingly. Baa backs him. Anant says his presentation is tomorrow. Vinit calls Radhika and asks if presentation is ready. She says its spoilt. He scolds her that he doesn’t like excuses in work and needs presentation tomorrow at any cost. She thinks she called Vinit to provoke him. Anant scolds Gehna that he is proved wrong because of her. Gehna runs in followed by Sagar. Radhika asks Vinit to forget it, let us prepare presentation again.

Paresh tells Anant that he needs to talk to him and takes him on terrace. He confronts him for making Gehna cry who does so much for the family and describes how Gehna forgave Sagar even after his many heinous act and when she was assured that Sagar really lost his memory, she gave him letter of forgiveness and Sagar made a kite out of it and flew it away; Gehna is so kind hearted and brought Sagar home to treat him; Anant on the other side brought Radhika home without giving any reason to Gehna or family; he should rethink and realize that maybe the reason he brought Radhika home is not true and not there at all. Anant returns to Radhika and asks how will they prepare presentation overnight. Radhika says he need not worry as she will handle everything. Gehna walks in, and Anant yells why did she come here now. She asks if they need her help. He says she need not bother as Radhika is there to handle it. Radhika holding his hand says she told that she will handle everything and asks Gehna to go out and not disturb them again. Gehna walks out, and Radhika shuts door on her face and thinks she kicked Gehna out of Anant’s life and soon will kick her out of Anant’s life; Anant doesn’t even now that she has saved presentation copy and wants him to realize that his destiny is her and not Gehna.

Gehna sadly with teary eyes removes her jewelry. Hema walks to her and says because of her bhaila, she couldn’t go to watch a play with Anant. Gehna says Sagar did a mistake unknowingly and may ruin someone’s name and life later, so she cannot let him do that and needs to explain him strictly. In the morning, Gehna takes coffee for Anant. Anant noticing time gets tensed that its already morning and he didn’t make presentation, Radhika must have gone home by now, etc. Radhika walks in and says let us go as she made presentation by being awake whole night. She shows him presentation. He happily hugs her and says amazing, she did what anyone couldn’t do. Radhika thinks Kanak is amazing to give this plan and now Gehna will see what she will do. After getting ready, Anant walks down. Gehna serves him breakfast. Radhika holding his hand says they are getting late for meeting and should have breakfast on the way. He agrees and leaves with her. Kanak taunts Gehna that Anant left her breakfast and soon may leave even her; though Anant was late, he could have spared 2 minutes to respect her feelings; he is angry after her guest ruined his hard work, so he left her breakfast and went with Radhika. Hema tells Gehna that Radhika named water has crossed her head and she should do something before her relationship drowns.

Precap: Desai family and Vinit stand shocked seeing Anant lifting Radhika and bringing her home.

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