Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd May 2021 Written Episode

Gehna tells Radhika that her truth is out in front of everyone. Radhika apologizes. Anant asks what is the use of apologizing now. Radhaika says its not for her mistake but the drama which Gehna showed now and shows her injured knee. She reminisces rushing to Radhika and informing her that Gehan is doubting her and is coming with whole family to expose her. Radhika asks her to hit her hard with a show piece on her knees as she doesn’t want to fall in Anant’s eyes. Gehna thinks how can Radhika incur injury. Radhika alleges Gehna that she is making false allegations to send her out of this house; she tells Anant that he hurt most by doubting her like Gehna, even she has self respect and will go from here. Anant yells at Gehna. Kanak says Gehna doesn’t want Radhika to stay here, she is ashamed of herself to believe Gehna, Radhika’s feelings are hurt more than her body now, etc. Hiral also yells at Gehna. Baa tells Gehna that she should have informed first and then informed them and tells Hiral that not only Gehna, they all insulted their guest. She apologizes Radhika on behalf of her whole family. Radhika hugs her and asks not to humiliate her by apologizing her, its her mistake that she stayed here and apologizes everyone. Kanak asks why is she apologizing, Gehna should apologize instead. Radhika says its not Gehna’s mistake. Gehna says Baa is right that she should have checked Radhika’s injury first, she made a mistake instead and walks away crying followed by whole family except Anant.

Gehna then apologizes Baa for the problem she faced because of her. Baa says Gehna is having problem instead because of Radhika’s stay here, so its Anant’s mistake and not her. Anant tells Radhika that its not Gehna’s mistake that she reacted unknowingly, they should inform Gehna why he brought Radhika home. Baa suggests Gehna to speak to Anant as he will answer all her questions. Radhika says there would be more questions if truth is out, they will question her marriage and Gehna will misinterpret it, so its better she leaves from here. She acts as trying to get up and in severe pain. Anant asks her to rest and walks away promising that he will not inform Gehna anything for now.

Gehna cries standing near window. Paresh walks to her and asks if someone hurt her, he will punish them. Gehna says everyone think she is jealous of Radhika staying here, so she alleged her, but its not true as Sagar himself saw Radhika kicking ball and even she saw ball coming out of room; she is sure that Radhika acting as injured; it is true that she doesn’t like Anant with Radhika, but she will not wrongly allege Radhika. Paresh says situation is wrong, but he trusts her and if Radhika is wrong, something is really wrong somewhere. Hema hearing their conversation thinks Radhika and Kanak are wrong and they conspired something big in lieu of injury.

Kanak walks to Radhika and says she must be having severe pain, but must have enjoyed insulting Gehna. Radhika says its really paining. Kanak says its time to defeat Gehna by getting getting back obese/jadi mindi Hema in their team as she knows her secrets. Radhika says Hema is supporting Gehna now, then how will she get Hema on their side. Kanak wears smiley mask and says she knows to make a smiling person cry.

At night, Anant standing on terrace reminisces Gehna alleging Radhika repeatedly and unable to prove her them. Gehna walks to him and apologizes him for troubling him, Radhika, and everyone. Anant says he troubled all, requests to not allege anyone again without confirmation, and walks away. Sagar searches Gehna mamma to apologize her with a sorry card as she was scolded because of his mistake. Kanak noticing him frightens him that Gehna is searching him holding a big stick and he should hide. He runs away to hide. Tia informs Gehna that Sagar didn’t have anything since morning. Gehna searches Sagar. Kanak picks Gehna’s clothes to disguise herself as Gehna. Anant in his room panics thinking mamma will punish him and switching off lights hides under his blanket. Kanak wearing Gehna’s dress and mask plays Gehna’s audio and and beats him brutally. He pleads that he didn’t do anything. Gehna enters Sagar’s room with food and notices Kanak.

Precap: Kanak confronts Gehna that she was flying high after snatching her yogya bahu and Mrs Suat awards, so she ruined Gehna’s dignity. Gehna says she will walk on Kanha’s true path which will lead her to victory.

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