Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode

Kanak disguised as Gehna brutally trashes Sagar. Sagar pleads her not to hit him. Gehna brings food for Sagar and switches on light. Kanak escapes. Sagar runs away afraid of her and hides in a store room. She picks stick and thinks who brought it, then picks Sagar’s apology letter and searches him. Kanak informs Radhika that she disguised herself as Gehna and trashed Sagar brutally, now she will blame Gehna and defeat her so badly that Gehna will not find a corner to cry. Gehna with Hema and Anant searches Sagar and informs Baa and Bapuji that Sagar is not found anywhere in house. Hema gets concerned for Sagar and cries. Gehna says Sagar is at home as main door is locked, she need not worry as Sagar will be found soon. Kanak asks how will he, he roams around her all the time and she should call him loudly to come out. Gehna calls Sagar loudly and hearing sound in store room walks there and finds Sagar there. Sagar walks behind in fear and is about to keeping his hand on a live wire gets electrocuted. she rushes towards him. Anant stops her and pulls Sagar away via wooden stick. Family rushes to him. Kanak gets tensed thinking she didn’t think of such treatment. Sagar falls unconscious. Sapan compresses his chest and asks Hema not to worry as Sagar has only lost consciousness, asks Gehna to bring juice to Sagar to feed him when he wakes up. Hema asks if Sagar wil be fine. Sapan says yes and notices injuries on Sagar’s body. Family is surprised to notice that.

Sagar wakes up. Sapan asks how is he feeling. Gehna returns with juice. Sagar panics seeing her and hides behind Anant papa. Anant asks why is he afraid. Sagar says Gehna mamma hit him with stick. Family stands shocked hearing that. Sagar cries that mamma hit him brutally. Gehna says she didn’t . Kanak says since he came home, he creates new drama each day; she warned Gehna not to bring Sagar here, but she didn’t and he is alleging her now; there is not room for goodness. Sapan says Sagar is not lying as someone has hit him really bad. Gehna asks who did that. Anant says let us question him later. Paresh, Baa, and Bapuji say they cannot believe Gehna can hit Sagar. Hiral says Gehna vent out her frustration of losing over Radhika on Sagar and brutally trashed him. Baa says what is she saying. Sapan tells Anant let us take Sagar to his room and let him rest.

Anant takes Sagar to his room and feeding him pain killer applies ointment on his wounds. Sagar writhes in pain and says mamma really trashed him brutally. Anant thinks he cannot believe that Gehna did that, who thought brutal Sagar would become a kid, who must have hit him so brutally. He sees Hema crying nearby and consoles her that Sagar will be fine soon. Kanak walks to Hema next and says she cannot believe that Sagar is telling Gehna hit him and brainwashes her against Gehna that Gehna is taking revenge in installments, she should have explained Sagar instead of punishing him brutally. She suggests her to return to her team and beware of Gehna. Hema reminisces Gehna scolding Sagar for his mistake and warning to punish him.

Gehna sitting on terrace thinks what is happening. Kanak walks to her holding stick and murmuring its her to bear punishment, gives stick and says she did really wrong. Gehna replies that only can do this heinous act. Kanak says nobody will believe her and opens up that Kanak snatched her pride, her yogya bahu and Mrs Surat designations from her, now she will humiliate her and will kick her out of house soon, etc. Kanak stands crying reminiscing Anant yelling at her that he brought Radhika home and if anyone has problem they should speak to him, Radhika’s drama, and Sagar alleging her. Tia walks to her and wiping her tears asks reason. Kanak say she doesn’t know what happened, feels as if she was hit instead of Sagar and did it to take revenge from her. Tia says she should expose real culprit and fight for herself; if she trusts Kanhaji, what does he say. Gehna says at the end, truth wins; now she will follow Kanhaji’s path as path of truth will lead to victory

Precap: Gehna prays Kanhaji that she will walk on a path of truth and will fix whatever wrong happened.

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