Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2021 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2021 Written Update by MA

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th May 2021 Written Episode

Gehna asks Kanhaji why did he let someone beat innocent Sagar; she will not forgive herself is she doesn’t react this time and requests god’s help. Her dupatta gets stuck in aarti thali. Paresh walks in chanting shloka and says god never leaves innocent people’s hand. Gehna says he saw what happened today. He says everyone saw Radhika’s injury and alleged that she hit Sagar, but sometimes truth is not what they see and should fight for it; god himself has told in Bhagvath Geeta that they should defeat power by power and trick by trick. She says he is right, she will fight against evil in her own way; she will turn evil into good and chants shloka.

Radhika noticing Anant next to her acts as dreaming about Vinit hitting her and pleading him not to hit her. She opens eyes and says she thought Vinit is here. She gets Vinit’s call, Anant asks her to pick call, she acts afraid and holding his hand requests to stay with her. Gehna walks in and asks Anant to come and sleep in his room. Anant asks her to go as he will sleep in Radhika’s room today. Radhika grinning tells Gehna that Anant is hers tonight, then says he will take care of her, Gehna should go and sleep as she must be tired. Gehna returns to her room and thinks she knows Radhika and Kanak have conspired against her, its difficult to follow their path, but she has to fight their evil way via truth. Radhika acts as writhing in pain Anant goes to get ointment for her. Radhika with closed eyes blames Gehna for her injury and feeling ointment applied on her injury thanks Anant. Anant says she should thank Gehna instead who brought herbal paste for her. Radhika opens her eyes and fumes seeing Gehna. Gehna says she will feel good with this herbal paste and will sleep soon. She wishes her good night and takes Anant away.

In the morning, Kanak calls Radhika and asks how did her plan go, she must have enjoyed night with Anant’s attention on her. Radhika fumes that Gehna spoilt her plan, she applies herbal paste on her injury and took Anant away. Kanak boasts that she knows how to punish Gehna. Sagar keeps fake lizard on her hand, and she shouts in fear. Sagar laughs saying new mamma got afraid. Kanak shouts why is he calling her new mamma. He says she is his new mamma after she takes so much care of him. Gehna laughs hiding and reminisces realizing Kanak had trashed Sagar brutally, thinks of defeating Kanak in her own game, keeps a gift in Sagar’s room with Kanak’s name on it, Sagar wakes up and gets happy seeing a gift from his new Kanak mamma.

Radhika hears Kanak shouting and thinks what must have happened to her. Baa walks to her and asks how is she feeling now. She says better now. Gehna offers her turmeric milk and says she will feel better with it. Radhika finishes milk. Gehna says she earlier thought she was acting and confronted her in front of whole family; she felt bad during day and more bad during night; she apologizes her again and says however Radhika is injured, she must be feeling pain and its her duty to take care of her guest Radhika. Radhika thinks this herbal paste will heal her injury soon and asks Anant to take her out. He agrees. She extends her hand towards her. Kanak holds it and says she wants to see efficacy of her herbal paste and helps her walk to dining hall. Sagar tells everyone that Kanak is his new mamma who gave him so many gifts and requests Kanak to feed him. Kanak agrees. Anant stuffs bread in her mouth. Baa says she is very happy as Gehna did a mistake and then apologized Radhika and made herbal paste for her, Radhika will be fine in 2 days. Radhika thinks she doesn’t want to leave this house. Gehna says Kanak should be praised instead as she became Sagar’s mamma and bought him gifts, she is taking care of him so much and will continue taking care of him. Kanak nods yes. Sagar spoils her makeup with bread and jam. Kanak fumes that Sagar spoilt he makeup. Gehna continues that Kanak proved that she loves children more than everyone in this house. Sagar afraid says he will not make any mistake again.

Hiral yells at Gehna that she brutally hit Sagar and even now he is afraid of her. Anant asks Sagar to bring cold water from fridge for him and asks Hiral to stop discussing about it again as Sagar is recovering with great difficulty. Baa says Anant is right, Hiral shouldn’t discuss it again as nobody saw Gehna beating Sagar; she is happy that Kanak took Sagar’s responsibility. Sagar brings water for Anant. Hema reminisces Kanak provoking her against Gehna. Gehna thinks her decision was right, now she will end evil with goodness.

Precap: Gehna washes Baa’s saris and thinks she will be happy seeing clean saris. Kanak smears grease on saris and tries to cut rope when Gehna returns.

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