Saavi Ki Savaari 10th February 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sonam making food in the kitchen. Shivam calls Sonam. Sonam tells him that she has made many dishes for him. Saavi and Nityam see the footage of the room, but they don’t see Shivam’s face. Nityam and Saavi come outside. Nityam says we shall go back and see again. Saavi says his face is not seen, may be he don’t want his identity to be revealed. Nityam says I want to know who is that guy, who has done a big favor and don’t want anything in return. Shivam tells Sonam that he is standing outside her house. Sonam opens the door and asks him to come inside. Shivam thinks people say what is in name, but everything is in name. He says nothing for Shivam Kumar, but 56 bhogs for Raksham Dalmia. Sonam calls him would be husband. She shows a variety of dishes she has made for him, and also pineapple pastry. He asks did you know cooking? Sonam says she learnt on internet and made it for him. He thinks he can understand her excitement to become Mrs. Dalmia. Shivam eats the food and tells Sonam that he will leave. Sonam says why to hurry? Shivam says you have to look good and sleep. Sonam says she don’t want to waste her time, and tells that they shall make a new start, tomorrow is their marriage and today they shall make it memorable. Someone knocks on the door. Shivam thinks he was yearning for her love and today when he is getting her love, it is dull. Sonam sees Ratna on the door. He says you are coming in my dreams. Ratna says I came worried for you, and thought you will not marry, if I don’t make you get ready. Sonam says she is happy and have understood that she can’t get a good life partner than him, as he loves her a lot. Ratna is surprised. Sonam doesn’t tell her that he is Raksham Dalmia. Shivam comes there and greets Ratna. Sonam asks them to do premarriage rituals. She tells Ratna that tomorrow is Shivam’s birthday too.

Nityam comes to Vedika’s room. He asks Vedika to have the medicines. Vedika asks where you are taking this stuff. Nityam says to keep it at its right place, he says you will not go to temple to do puja which you have been doing since 12 years. Vedika asks him not to interfere in her customs which she used to do since 12 years, and tells that she does this for her own happiness silently. Nityam says you was staying in a small house like an ordinary person. Vedika says it was our home. Nityam says your accident wouldn’t have happened if you have not hide anything from me. Vedika says it was an accident and can happen with anyone. He says when Saavi called, I was numb and mad thinking if you will leave me like Papa. He says I couldn’t come out of Papa’s loss even now, and you. Vedika says you want me not to do puja for him. Nityam says I will not let you go, because of whom our lives are ruined. He goes. Saavi hears them.

Shivam asks Sonam if haldi rasam is necessary. Ratna says yes. Sonam says you are looking cute in yellow dhoti. Shivam says who will play dhol if you are applying haldi to me. He says Sonam, who is an expert to play anyone’s band. Ratna applies haldi to Shivam. Saavi recalls Vedika’s words that she loves Raksham. She touches Nityam’s hand and goes out. Later Sonam is dancing in her house for her sangeet. Shivam also dances with her. He makes her wear a necklace. She thinks this is the last cheap thing. Shivam thinks last gift is remaining. Saavi comes to Vedika and tells her that she will take her to temple. She tells that the ritual which she is following since 12 years, will not break, as she will take her to temple. She makes the plan.

Precap: Saavi and Vedika are celebrating Raksham’s secret birthday. Sonam tells Shivam that they shall complete the marriage rituals fast. She makes him wear the garland, but he doesn’t make her wear the garland.

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