Saavi Ki Savaari 10th September 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 10th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the Dalmias making arrangements for the grand welcome of Nityam and Saavi. Dadu asks Giridhar to tie the flowers rightly, and says Nityam and Saavi are returning home. Himesh says all the house is decorated. Dadu says he was waiting for them and the house was incomplete without them. Himesh says you said right. Vedika says yes. Nutan does Raksham and Sonam’s aarti, followed by Nityam and Saavi’s aarti. She says today Ram ji’s vanvas has ended, and now it is the time to return to Ayodhya. Nityam says this vanvas was necessary to me, I have learnt so much from this, and has learnt how to value relations, now I came to know that how relations are important in life. He tells Ratna that first of all, he enquired about tomatoes price. Ratna tells Nityam that today she wants to tell him, that when he came here empty handed, she didn’t feel good, and today when you are leaving, my house and hands are empty and I am not feeling good. She tells Saavi that she has learnt so much from this vanvas, so she is also Bittori for her and asks her to take care of herself and others. Ananya apologizes to Saavi and says you know for what I am saying sorry. Saavi says sorry to her and says she just don’t want her to be on the wrong path now. Ananya tells Saavi that she will walk on the path as shown by her.

They go out. Ratna stops Sonam and asks her not to interfere in Saavi’s life or do something wrong then I will expose your sin pot, and tells that then she doesn’t care what people say about me or if her Mama leaves me. She gives Dalmia house papers to Raksham and says to whoever it belongs, they shall get. Razzak’s wife asks Nityam to come to teach Fatima. Nityam smiles. Sarla tells Nityam that just as he gave phone to his son, he got the job. Ratna asks if Saavi ki savaari is going. Saavi says on full speed. All the neighbors and family members shower flower petals on them. Nityam says lets go. They are holding Ram and Sita’s idols in their hands.

They sit in Chattriprasad. Nityam drives the auto and takes them home. Giridhar tells Vedika that Nityam and Saavi are coming. They come home with Sonam and Raksham. Tashu welcomes them. Vedika asks Saavi to see in the sky. She says my Ram and Sita has come, and asks them to wait for their grah pravesh. Saavi sees Dalmia Mansion name plate, and tells Nityam that they have returned home. Vedika does Nityam and Saavi’s aarti and does their tilak. She asks them to come inside. Sonam thinks I will not let their grand welcome happen, and switches off the lights, just as they are about to come inside. Vedika says no problem and calls Giridhar. They all hold the diyas in their hands and keep in the house. Vedika says Ram and Sita were welcomed this way. They come inside and keep the idols in the temple. Sonam thinks Saavi…you have returned home, but I will not let you stay here peacefully, thinks Sonam Dalmia can never change.

After one day, Vedika asks Saavi from where she bought this Jhaaki. Saavi says from hanuman gali and asks Sonam to say. Sonam is upset. Raksham tells Vedika that he will check. Vedika stops him and asks Saavi to bring Nityam, as Krishna can born at anytime. Saavi comes to the room and asks Nityam what is he doing in darkness. Nityam snaps his finger and lights comes. Saavi sees their photos collage. Nityam tells poetry and asks how is the surprise? Saavi says very good like you. Nityam kisses on her forehead and is coming closer. Saavi stops him and asks what you are doing? Nityam pulls her closer. Saavi says she has kept Janmasthami fast. Nityam says you can keep fast, and I will love you. Saavi says Maa. Nityam asks her to come. They come out. Nutan, Ratna and Ananya come home. Vedika asks about Brijesh. Ratna says he went to hanuman gali’s jhanki. Nutan takes out the fruits. Vedika says so much fruits. Nutan says it is bribe for laddoo gopal, and wants someone like him in the house. She calls Sonam. Sonam doesn’t answer. Vedika asks her to keep more fruits. Saavi and Nityam come there and take her blessings. Nutan blesses them. She sees Sonam looking at her phone. Vedika asks Saavi to start aarti as Krishna ji can be born at anytime. Nutan asks what is this Sonam? Sonam asks when did you come Maa.

Nutan says today is Janmasthami’s auspicious day, whatever happened until now, whatever jealousy is leave all of it, and move on with your family, specially with Saavi. Vedika asks Saavi to bring prasad. Ratna says I will bring. She goes to the kitchen to get it. Sonam asks why I will jealous of Saavi, what she has. Nutan says love of the family. Ratna brings prasad and gives plate in Sonam’s hands, and asks her to sit. Vedika asks Saavi to do aarti. Sonam says first the cradle shall be swing with the dori. Saavi says no, first we will sing bhajan, he will be born and then we will make the cradle swing. She sings bhajan. Himesh says it is 12 am, Kanha ji is born. Everyone is happy. Vedika asks Saavi and Nityam to swing the cradle. Saavi says how can we do it first, Didi and Bhaiyya will do it first. Raksham and Sonam swing the cradle first, then Nityam and Saavi. Saavi feels uneasy and gets up. She faints and falls on Nityam. Nityam holds her and asks to call doctor. Raksham calls Doctor.

Precap: Nityam asks Doctor why Saavi fainted? Doctor says she needs you more. Everyone whispers in each other’s ears. Nityam asks what happened to Saavi, why nobody is telling me. Vedika says you are going to become father. Nityam is happy. Sonam gets angry and says she don’t want her child to be behind Saavi’s child, and asks what to do to stop Saavi’s baby birth.

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