Saavi Ki Savaari 18th March 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 18th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 18th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vedika asking her son Raksham/Shivam, why he didn’t return, and she had cried a lot and her wounds became more greener. Raksham says I was scared and thought if you don’t forgive me, or if you had turned your face with disgusted feeling then I would have died. He says I am sorry, you have forgiven me long back, but I didn’t have courage. He says Saavi gave me courage to come infront of you. Vedika says Saavi. Saavi comes there and says yes maa. Vedika hugs her and says thanks bestie. Saavi says you don’t have to cry now, your crying days have gone, your eldest son Raksham is back. Vedika says he is standing infront of me because of you, and says I knew she will make me meet my son. Shivam says she is mad, she to make me meet you, and to heal Nityam’s wounds, she has risked her everything, she has risked her marriage, so that we all unite. Vedika says Saavi. Saavi says Bhaiyya is saying right, I risked everything and says we can’t tell Mr. Dalmia about him right now, else everything will be ruined.

She says everything will be ruined, if we tell now. Vedika says are you mad, your everything will be ruined, your marriage will break, we have to tell him now else Nityam will break the marriage. Saavi says he will not understand. Raksham says if we don’t tell now, then your marriage and your name will be ruined. Saavi says we can’t tell him and asks them to understand. Nityam calls Vedika and asks where are you? Saavi puts the cloth on Raksham’s shoulder and goes from there. Nityam comes there and sees Vedika and Pyaare mohan standing. Vedika says you have ruined our surprise of birthday cake. Nityam asks if you was crying? Vedika says no, I am happy that my both my….Raksham diverts her words. Vedika says you have ruined the cake surprise. Raksham says he is your son, even if you slap him, then he will get it lovingly. Nityam says you say anything. They go. Saavi comes to Vedika. Vedika says she has a plan and she will reveal everything to Nityam. Nityam cuts the cake and makes Vedika, Dadu and Himesh eat. He then comes to Saavi and says now even Himesh Chachu has no problem with the half property which you will be getting so this cake for my win. Saavi tastes the cake. Vedika asks Nityam to make pyaare eat cake, as he made it. Pyaare says it is not needed. Nityam says it is really good, like it used to be in my childhood. Vedika imagines little Nityam and Raksham.

He is about to eat it, when Dimpy comes there and shouts stop Nityam. She claps and says hats off to you Saavi Goel, after so much drama, we didn’t find your cleverness, you are a big player. She says I know there was some connection between Saavi and Pyaare and says today she will tell them. Nityam says I am not interested in guessing game, and says guests are here. He says that thing ended. Dimpy says Saavi lied and make this man get job here, and says he is the same man whom you late a lot, and says he is Raksham Dalmia, who ran away many years ago. Nityam is shocked. Saavi gets tensed. Nityam looks at Raksham. Joshi Kaka asks Gattu, where was you, you was here. Kiran says this was Nityam Sir’s birthday surprise and asks the guests to let them enjoy the surprise. The guests leave. Kiran says I will handle them. Nityam looks at Raksham. Saavi gets Ananya’s call and the latter is crying. She goes out to talk. Ananya tells her about Hrishikesh throwing them out of the house, and broken her radio and throwing it on Chattriprasad. Nutan asks why did you call Saavi? Saavi asks Ananya to put the call on loudspeaker, and asks why Mama is doing this. Hrishikesh takes the phone and says even broken the phone. Saavi asks why you are doing this? He says today I have thrown the stuff and says what I can throw next. He says if you don’t take 6000 crores from Nityam them your family will not have shelter on their heads. Nutan asks Saavi not to take money. Saavi is shocked. Sonam comes home and asks why our stuff is outside. Ratna says I will explain to you.

Himesh asks Dimpy, how he can be Raksham. Dada ji says yes, what is the proof that he is Raksham. Nityam recalls the happenings and takes out specs from Raksham’s face. Raksham removes his mole. Nityam says I believe this. Himesh thinks contract killer didn’t kill our house son. Nityam says if you all see him carefully, then will know. Himesh comes to Raksham and asks if you are Raksham, and says he called me Chacha many times, but I couldn’t identify you. He says I am happy to meet you, and tells dimpy that they didn’t do anything. Dimpy asks what is he saying? Himesh says did you forget the tailor? Dimpy asks him to be quiet. Dada ji asks Raksham, where was he? He asks Himesh to call UD back home, and asks Raksham to hug him. Raksham falls on his feet. Nityam recalls his father’s death. Dadu asks Raksham to hug him. Raksham is about to hug him, when Nityam stops him and says he wants answers to his questions. He says his first question is for Maa, and says I was surprised that you didn’t go to run him, for whom you used to cry. He says I was surprised when you said that you have organized my birthday, but he has organized it. Vedika says yes, Raksham has organized it and she came to know sometime back. Nityam says he entered house with Saavi’s help and planned to get my hard earned money and wealth on his name. Dimpy thinks now Nityam will throw Saavi and Raksham out of the Dalmia house.

Precap: Vedika tells Nityam that Raksham wants family’s love. Raksham says if you don’t want me to stay here then I will leave. Nityam blames Saavi for bringing murderer home, and tells that he don’t regard her as his wife anymore, everything is finished.

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