Saavi Ki Savaari 19th March 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 19th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 19th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nityam saying this runaway guy entered my house with Saavi’s help, and then he wooed my mother and they thought that I will forget all the bad memories of childhood and will give all my life’s earned wealth to him. Vedika shouts Nityam and says until now you had stubborn thought that your elder brother is dead, and asks him to see that his mother’s pacifier has come. She tells Raksham that it is good that he came indisguise, else Nityam would have given him death punishment. She says he had done the mistake when he was a child. Dimpy says this house is of Nityam, why to bring a stranger here without telling anyone. Dada ji says he is the son of the house and not stranger, and asks her to be quiet. Vedika says Nityam, do you think that he is a criminal and came for money, and says he just wants his family’s love. He has stayed as the orphans though he had his family. Shivam`asks her not to say anything. Vedika holds her pallu infront of Nityam and asks him to let Raksham stay in the house. Saavi tells Nityam that she forced him to come here, he was feeling very guilty for his doings and asks Nityam to hold her responsible but not him. Vedika says if my Raksham is here, then it is because of Saavi Goel, she has brought my son and says if you can’t accept his identity then refuse my identity too. Raksham says you can’t make Bittu choose, this is wrong. She says you was standing separately from us for 12 years, if anyone has thought, ever. She tells Nityam that he can do anything for her.

She says I will not ask anything from you, take the right decision, I can get my family completed else I will lose. She says don’t make me stand at the place where I have to choose one between you both, I can’t bear and will die. She asks Nityam if he wants his mother to die and asks him to give her son to her. She says I love you more, and says please…I can’t choose one between you both. Raksham says Maa. Vedika cries. Raksham tells Nityam that Maa is thinking from heart being a mother and says if you don’t like me to be here, then I will leave from here and from your life, but I can’t stay away from Maa, as I have yearned for her all these years, and will come to meet her. He says you have right on Maa more, as you was with her during those tough times, when I had eloped. He says he will live his life with the memories which he lived for 4 days, and then apologizes to Nityam. He is leaving. Vedika asks Nityam to stop Raksham and asks everyone to stop him. She says I will die without him. Raksham walks towards the exit door. Saavi thinks stop your brother Mr. Dalmia, throw this mask and show your soft side because of which I fell in love with you immensely. Nityam shouts asking Raksham to stop. Raksham stops and comes back to Nityam and Vedika. Dimpy is upset. Nityam says this house is of your mother also, you don’t need to go from here, you will stay with all of us. Raksham says thank you my brother. He tries to hug Nityam, but the latter stops him. He tells Saavi that he needs to talk to her and asks her to come with him. Saavi goes behind him. Vedika hugs Raksham.

Dimpy says so much drama happened, you are not surprised. Himesh asks what surprise, that your try to break this house again has failed. Dimpy says picture is remaining, Nityam has went to talk to Saavi, now lets see what new bomb will explode.

Nityam and Saavi go out of the house, in the garden area. Vedika tells that she don’t know that she will be very happy and asks what to do? Dada ji asks her to beat the plate like they did on his birth and thanked the God. Vedika says yes, then we will do aarti and then party. Giridhar asks Raksham to come to kitchen and do work. Raksham says I will do now itself. Vedika shouts Giridhar. Giridhar says I had forgotten. Raksham says I have already done kitchen work. Vedika says she will burn ghee diyas, and asks him to come to his room. She says my bestie gave me a big happiness on Nityam’s birthday and prays for her.

Saavi says you have proved again that you are not stubborn and arrogant, you have love, pain and forgiveness in your heart. Nityam asks why you couldn’t make place in my heart for you, and says there is no breaking news for you, as I have done our marriage shradh, as everything was over then and just formalities were remaining, you was silent so that you can scratch my wounds more and to hurt me even more after you go, that’s why brought him here. Saavi says I brought him to lower your pain, as I saw you in pain which you have during your sleep. Nityam asks how my pain will lower, when I will see that man in the house because of whom, my father had died. Saavi says you didn’t know that something had happened that day, there is another side if that story. Nityam says he don’t want to hear, and will see Raksham as guilty, as Papa died due to him and made me alone. He says you have brought the murderer home, whom I hate in this world. Saavi says you are thinking me wrong, and says being your wife….He says you are not my wife, and can never be my wife. He says irrespective of whatever anyone says, bhagya and kundali, you are rickshaw wali for me who has ruined things for me, and says after today, everything is over between us.

Precap: Saavi tells Nityam that the relation which doesn’t have love is waste. Nityam says he will never love her. He gives her divorce papers while it rains heavily.

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