Saavi Ki Savaari 20th May 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 20th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 20th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manav calling Saavi and asks if she is fine, and says everyone is worried for you. Saavi asks why you all get worried, I am not a small child. Manav says you have grown up, gets stabbed and reach hospital. Saavi says she is not in a mood to joke. She tells that her heart and mind are going in different direction, don’t know what to do. He says this is not my Saavri Baawri and says you also solve problems. Nityam comes there and hears her talking to Manav. He gets upset. Manav says kabab me haddi came. Saavi asks what? Manav asks her to handle him and ends the call. Nityam tells her that he will send Bua Dadi in 2 days, once she goes, then she can leave him and the house. Saavi says you didn’t let me be with you. Kumud tells Dada ji that Vedika has cut my words. Dada ji asks her to trust Vedika. Vedika comes there and tries to clarify. Kumud says I don’t bear if you insult me. Vedika says Dimpy is pregnant and that’s why I have to let her come. Dimpy comes there and apologizes to Vedika. She says I have done sin due to my greed. She says she has returned for Himesh, as he is baby’s father, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated nicely. She asks them not to fight because of her. She goes. Dada ji tells them that Dimpy might be changed. Kumud says she is like Dog’s tail and knows that her words will affect us.

Later Girdhar tells Saavi that Vedika refused to eat food. Saavi takes the plate to Vedika and asks her what is bothering her. Vedika says she is missing Satyam, and says she feels that she has taken wrong decision to let Dimpy stay here. She says I wish someone was with me, who helps and guides me. Saavi says I will be with you and support you always. Vedika says she will have little bit food. Saavi thinks to find Dimpy’s truth.

Himesh brings ice apple for Dimpy and says it is rare in this season, I have brought it so that our baby becomes like Satyam and Nityam. He says he will go and talk to Tashvi. Dimpy thanks him and then tells that she doesn’t want Tashvi to have any insecurities. She throws ice apples in the dustbin. Saavi sees Himesh and asks him from where he came. Himesh tells that he has brought ice apples for Dimpy. Girdhar brings the dustbin and it falls. Saavi picks ice apple and asks from whose room you got it. He says Dimpy’s room.

Dimpy talks to her baby and says he is just her baby. She has decided to give him birth to get everything from Saavi and Sonam. Saavi gets doubtful.

Precap: Saavi takes Dimpy to hospital to get her DNA test done. Dimpy gets shocked and thinks nobody shall know that this baby is not of Himesh. Saavi calls Himesh to inform him that she has taken Dimpy for the DNA test.

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