Saavi Ki Savaari 28th January 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 28th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 28th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nityam finding the spark plug and thinks he didn’t use it. He uses it, but Chattriprasad doesn’t start. Nityam gets teary eyes. Saavi tells Nutan that they shall distribute Chattriprasad’s side of bhog to others. Nutan says first let Razzak bring Chattriprasad. Brijesh says Brahmin Bhoj time has come, we can’t make them wait. Nutan says Chattriprasad will come, I am sure. Saavi says Maa, Mama and Mami and says I want to tell you everything, which I had hidden before. Just then Vedika sees Chattriprasad and tells everyone that Chattriprasad has come. Saavi gets happy and looks at Chattriprasad. Everyone is happy. Nutan says Damad ji is riding Chattriprasad and asks if this is truth? Vedika says Nityam is riding it. She says I told that Nityam will reach on time, and says he has brought Chattriprasad on time. Saavi smiles and gets emotional. Everyone is waiting for Chattriprasad. Ananya records the video. Nityam recalls the garage boy asking him to use Raghuvanshi spark plug. Nityam gets happy and says Saavi says, that the right thing shall happen. He starts Chattriprasad. Fb ends. Nityam gets down from Chattriprasad and gives keys in Saavi’s hands.

Nityam tells Saavi that you have said that once broken can’t be repaired, even if it is relation or rickshaw. He says I like to prove you wrong, so I brought Saavi ki Sawaari. Brijesh says you had gone from here, and Razzak was bringing it from Ratnam, so how you brought it. Vedika says it is Saavi’s baba’s barsi so it is Nityam’s duty to bring it. Nutan gets much emotional and tells that his heart is full of happiness and her eyes are drenched with tears. Ratna appreciates Nityam. Vedika asks them to keep bhog for Chattriprasad, and then give to Brahmin. Nityam is about to go. Saavi asks Nityam if it is really Chattriprasad, and says if it is ordinary then might blast. He says I couldn’t get only 4 screws, and tells that all parts are of Chattriprasad. He says if you can identify your family member then identify it. Saavi checks Chattriprasad and gets happy. She starts Chattriprasad. She asks about accelerator and motor. Nityam says side please. He lifts Chattriprasad so that Saavi sees it. She gets happy and tells that one thing is missing. Nityam gives her baba’s photo frame to her. Saavi asks Nityam, how did he do it in such a small time. Nityam says now he is not in a mood. Saavi asks him to say and says please. Ratna comes there and asks them to come to have food.

Dimpy tells Himesh that it is good that they didn’t go to barsi. Himesh asks her to have something. Dimpy says Saavi is oust and everything is fine between Tashvi and you. He says we shall go for vacation. Himesh tells that he doesn’t have much money and tells that Nityam’s auditor is always on my head. Just then auditor comes there and tells that the cheque signed by Dada ji bounced. Himesh checks and gets hiccups seeing 2.5 crores. He goes to check inside. Dimpy asks from where Bau ji got such a big amount signing authority.

Nityam takes the food bucket from someone and says I will serve. He serves the food to the brahims. Saavi comes there and asks Nityam, how did he do this magic? She says until you tell me, I will not be at peace. He says you are so irritating. He says I had collected the list of the men who had chattriprasad’s parts, from scrap merchant. He says the names were 15 who had 22 parts. Brahmin asks for dal. Nityam asks Saavi to get the dal. Saavi says how did you get the parts, when you don’t know how it is. Brahmin asks for dal. Nityam goes to get dal. Saavi goes behind Nityam and asks what did you do after getting the parts. He says you shall give chutney. Saavi asks him to say. Nityam says I make a makeshift workshop for me and fixed all the parts of chattriprasad. Saavi says how did you do it all alone? Nityam says I am a mechanical engineer and it is like keeping cap on the bottle. Saavi goes behind him and says how did you do it, as you have studied long back. He says reading college books. UD asks Vedika what happened to Saavi now, her sight is stuck on Nityam now. Vedika asks UD to go and rest, and says Pramod will drop you. Saavi asks Nityam how did you do it. Nityam says we shall give dakshina to Pandit ji. They give the dakshina to Pandit ji and gets blessings from him. Saavi recalls Maha Pandit’s words. She smiles. Nityam asks what happened? Saavi says don’t know what, but something has happened, she looks happily at him.

Precap: Saavi asks Nityam to say and says she will do everything. Nityam asks her to close her eyes. Nazdeekiyan song plays…as they are inching closer to each other.

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