Saavi Ki Savaari 28th May 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 28th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 28th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raksham asking Saavi if I can’t rectify my brother’s mistake by holding his truth. He says I don’t have any right on him and goes. Saavi tells that she is feeling bad hearing him. Vedika says Raksham is right, he is a Dalmia. She says I will talk to him. Saavi says Maa…Vedika says I will not stop you and says I will say the same thing even today, don’t return until Nityam gives you respect and love. She says I will be alone after you leave, but its ok. She holds and kiss her hands and forehead. Saavi says I am leaving, but when I look back, I don’t want to see you standing else I can’t go, and asks her to let her go. She starts walking towards the door and turns, but Vedika goes from there. Dimpy thinks Saavi went with the secret, but I will reach the secret. She says right now, it is celebration time. Everyone hears loud music from Nityam’s room. Raksham is upset that Nityam is hiding his pain playing loud music. Nityam sits and cries, recalling Saavi. Saavi thinks it is not his mistake this time, and it is her mistake, she lied though she knows that he can’t trust anyone easily, for him she trusted Manav, an outsider but not him. Vedika comes there and says she saw for the first time, that the eyes get wet with loud music. Nityam says even I was not aware of it. Vedika says I came to talk about raksham and tells that he is not getting respect which he shall get. Nityam says they had an argument regarding Saavi. Vedika asks him to do something so that he feels connected with him and feel that he is also dalmia. Nityam says Raksham wants him to bring Saavi. Vedika says it will happen when you want.

Sonam talks to Ratna and tells that Nityam has no heart and says my younger sister cried a lot. She acts to cry. Ratna is teary eyes as she is cutting onions. She says your nautanki dukan is much. Sonam says she is very happy as Saavi’s name bala is gone. She says we would have dance if you was with me. Ratna tells her that everyone must be crying and will think about Saavi, even when she is gone. She says even that Giridhar must be crying standing somewhere. Sonam checks and finds Giridhar crying. She gives him juice and asks him not to wake up early, says she will make breakfast. Giridhar goes.

Nityam is going to office and asks Kiran to call the board of directors. He plays the radio and hears DJ Vrushka. He says she started again and switches off the radio. He then switches on the TV. Nityam says it is nonsense hearing her. Manav thinks he sees Saavi everywhere. He sees Saavi and calls Vrushka, and tells that he is Mr. M. He tells that he is imagining her everywhere. Nityam hears Mr. M and tells that sometimes he feels that he couldn’t get over the betrayal given by her. He recalls Saavi accepting Manav’s proposal. Saavi sees Manav in the auto. She asks what is he doing? Manav asks her to go and asks her to go, and says if anyone sees me talking to you, then think me mad. Saavi asks what nonsense, he is saying and goes. He comes home and asks Saavi to listen to his nonsense all day. He plays the song and dance with her. Saavi is surprised. All the family members come out. Saavi tells Nutan that he can’t let her be sad. She asks Mama how is he? He says fine. Saavi asks Ratna if she made something. Ratna says yes. Manav is still dancing and smiles.

Sonam serves food to everyone. Raksham asks if she made all this. Sonam says yes, and tells that she was missing Saavi and that’s why made it. Nityam says nobody is missing her. He is about to eat sandwich, but Raksham stops him and says it has egg, and Saavi used to stop him from having it in the morning. He asks him not to eat to prove that he don’t need Saavi. Nityam eats it and coughs. Raksham thanks Sonam and gives the instructions to her. Nityam asks him to go to office and tells that he is getting habitual to go late. Raksham says yes boss and goes. Vedika asks Nityam why he talked like this. Nityam tells that he wanted to talk to them which he couldn’t talk infront of them. He tells that Dalmia Industries has benefitted from Raksham ideas and tells that he wants to make Raksham as the board of director. Everyone is happy. Dimpy hears and gets shocked. Sonam thinks she will be 50 percent owner of the Dalmia industries.

Episode ends.

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