Saavi Ki Savaari 4th February 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saavi decorating the terrace with their ghatbandhan cloth, and hangs their pics. She has kept the mirchi lights on the terrace and says where are you Mr. Dishaheen, I can’t wait anymore. Nityam calls Sonam. Sonam says please help me, Nityam. Nityam rushes to her, and asks if you vomited. Sonam says I tried, but I couldn’t vomit. He takes her downstairs and asks her to vomit. He recalls Saavi’s remedy and asks Sonam to pat on her nose three times, then hold her nose and vomit. Sonam tries and gets vomiting, she goes. Saavi has decorated the terrace well with the lights and decoration. She thinks Mr. Dalmia’s record is broken this time. She imagines hearing his car sound and sees Nityam coming there and asking when did you call me? Saavi says 7:30. He says I came at Sharp 7:30. He moves hair from her face and keeps his head on her head. Nazdeekiya song plays….Nityam says that’s why you called yme. Saavi says she wants to tell something and tells that she wants to start new life with him with the new meaning of ghatbandhan. Nityam says suddenly. Saavi says I am already late to understand this, which you understood long before. She holds his hand and says today I will show you the right disha, Mr. Dishaheeen. She breaks the big balloon in which it has glittery paper and small balloons with her letter.

She asks him to read the letter. Nityam reads her letter. Saavi’s phone rings. Saavi says Nityam…She realizes that Nityam haven’t come still. She gets Razzak’s call. Nityam gives lemon water to Sonam. Sonam thanks him for saving her life. Nityam asks how can a smart girl take such a step and says you can get whatever you want. Sonam thinks I want to get you. She lies to him, and tells that she missed her baba and felt weak with his memories once, and she couldn’t handle herself. She says you can’t understand my feelings, and says it is very difficult to bear the loss of our loved ones. Nityam says I live with that loneliness, and says until your family returns, you will not stay here, but shall stay in your sister’s house. Sonam asks him not to tell anything to Saavi. He asks her to take the stuff from home and says he will wait for her outside in the car.

UD tells dada ji that he forgot to change the calendar date. Dada ji gets surprised. Himesh is standing outside and recalls that Dimpy changed the calendar date. Dada ji tells that he thought to make the “will” and will give everything to Nityam. Himesh comes inside and asks if he shall call the lawyer. UD asks if he was hearing them. Himesh says he was going from there and heard them. He says Babu ji is forgetting things. Dada ji says ok, call the lawyer. He comes out and signs Dimpy. Dimpy calls the lawyer for her evil aim.

Nityam brings Sonam home. Sonam says you should have called Saavi before bringing me here. Nityam says Saavi had called me home early today. Saavi meets Razzak and he gives her the day’s earning. Sonam asks what Chattriprasad is doing here. Nityam gets upset. Sonam gets happy and thinks Chattriprasad is helpful for her good future. Nityam comes to them and says you people are here. Saavi says you came at 9 pm. Nityam says I am not Razzak who would report you. Saavi smiles. Razzak realizes Nityam’s anger. Saavi sees Sonam and asks how is she? Sonam says Nityam brought her as she was unwell. Saavi says she will make kadi chawal for her. Nityam asks Razzak why did he Chattriprasad here. Razzak says Brijesh Mama ji and others are not there. Sonam says but Nityam has problem with it. Razzak says saavi said that…Nityam asks what? Razzak recalls Saavi telling him that Nityam has given new life to Chattriprasad. Nityam gets angry. Sonam thinks you gave me a chance to wipe you from Nityam’s heart. Saavi thinks I will tell you my feelings today. Nityam says today I will clear your misunderstandings that I don’t have any problem with Chattriprasad.

Precap: Saavi sees Vedika in the same city. She follows Vedika. Vedika runs seeing her and meets with an accident. Saavi shouts Maa. Sonam gets drunk and decides to kill Shivam to start a new life.

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