Saavi Ki Savaari 7th May 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 7th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 7th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manav telling Dalmia family to drink tea and says may be Saavi gets fine being jealous seeing you all drinking tea. He serves them tea. Nityam says your friend is fighting with death and you are having kitty party here. Manav says Saavi wants everyone to be happy and says least you care. Nutan says Nityam ji is very worried. Manav says he is worried due to himself. Himesh asks Nityam to come with him outside. He takes him and asks if you are here? Nityam says I am worried due to me, what was the need for Saavi to take the knife on herself, and says now see her condition. Manav comes there and gives tea to Himesh. Himesh says you could have said this in different way and says do you know why you are angry. Nityam asks him not to give him lecture. Kiran comes and says Dr. wants to talk to you. Himesh says you are angry as you was afraid to lose her. Dimpy comes to the same hospital and asks Nurse to take her to that ward. Nurse says it is not good for you. Dimpy says you don’t know me. Manav comes out and is sad that Saavi wanted to give life for Nityam, who doesn’t care for her. He thinks he will stand by her, once she gains consciousness, and thinks he will express his love to her through this letter which he couldn’t do till now.

Dimpy goes to the maternity ward. The nurse asks if you can do this, and asks her to think. Dimpy asks her to be silent and asks her if she knows what to do? She gives her a bundle of money. Nurse takes it. She sees Vedika and signs Dimpy. Dimpy starts begging infront of Nurse. Nurse asks her to go. Vedika sees Dimpy’s tummy and is about to go inside, when Raksham calls her and says Saavi got consciousness. Manav gets a call and goes too. His letter falls down while he goes. Nityam comes there and picks the letter. He is about to open it, when Himesh asks Nityam to come, as Saavi got consciousness. Dr. informs Nutan that Saavi is fine now. Nutan thanks him. Doctor asks him to thank Nityam, as because of him American Dr. Kim was on the call with him, while they were operating on her, else it would be impossible for her treatment here in Ujjain. They ask if they can meet. Doctor says only one person. Manav asks shall I go? Doctor asks if you are Bittu ji, as Saavi is asking how is Bittu ji repeatedly? Nityam says I am Bittu ji. He goes inside to meet Saavi. He asks Saavi, how are you?

Saavi opens her eyes. He removes her oxygen mask. Saavi closes her eyes again and says Bittu ji…He asks how are you Saavi Goel? Saavi says I am feeling as if I am flying on the sky, and walking on the clouds, but small ice cubes are falling. He says only you can talk such abnormal things even in this situation. Saavi says else Saavi is not Saavi. He says ok, you take rest, I will go outside. She feels pain. He asks if she is feeling much pain. She asks so soon…Nityam says if I stay here and say something then you might take more days to recover. Saavi says I have just some stitches and asks him to say what he wants to say. He asks why did you do this, tell me? He says why did you push me and come on the way of the knife. He says did you see your size and says if that knife was stabbed to me, then I would have got small scratch, and says you are Saavi Goel, people are standing outside and praying for you, waking up the doctor in foreign country at midnight. Saavi says you have done this. He says no. Saavi says you have the talent to wake up outside country doctor at midnight and asks if he prayed for her also. Nityam asks her to concentrate on herself and ring the emergency bell if she needs anything. He is going out. She feels pain again. Nityam asks if she is fine. Saavi says you didn’t say when I asked you if you prayed for me. She rings the bell. Nurse comes and goes. Nityam asks her not to misuse the services. She says this is your hospital. He says he is trustee here and smiles.

Vedika comes to the nurse and asks her about Dimpy. The Nurse lies that dimpy is admitted here since 15 days, and she didn’t have money so she asked her to leave, but she was not willing to leave. Vedika says she wants to see her form. Nurse shows her form. Vedika says she wants to give money to help all the ladies in that ward. Nurse says ok and goes to bring form. Vedika clicks the form’s photo and thinks to tell Himesh. She thinks she has to reach the truth.

Episode ends.

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