Saavi Ki Savaari 9th May 2023 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari 9th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Saavi Ki Savaari 9th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Saavi seeing bottle gourd soup and says it is my favorite. Nityam asks her to finish it fast. Saavi pretends to feel pain to get his attention. Nityam keeps towel on her chest and makes her drink soup. Saavi smiles. He wipes her mouth with the towel. He holds her face and makes her drink soup. Saavi says it is tasty now. He forcefeeds food in her mouth. Saavi smiles. Nityam also smiles a bit. Saavi asks Nityam about the attacker. Nityam says all MP police is searching the culprit. Manav calls Nityam. Nityam picks the call. Manav asks him to give the call to Saavi. Nityam says she is sleeping. Manav says now she might be drinking soup now and says she can’t sleep now. Nityam gives call to Saavi. Saavi says she is getting good care here. Manav says I can come there. Nityam says why will you come and says bua dadi said that Saavi’s husband will take care of her, and tells that I am her husband. He teases Manav. Manav says good night. Nityam ends the call before Saavi could say good night to him. Saavi says Manav can’t sleep until I am fine, and goes on telling about him. Nityam gets irritated and puts apple in her mouth to stop her. He thinks I can take better care of you and will not sleep also. He keeps awake and then sleeps. Saavi wakes up and sees him sleeping. He opens his eyes. Saavi pretends to sleep. He sleeps again. Nurse comes there, smiles looking at them and goes. Nazdeekiyan song plays…..Saavi smiles seeing Nityam.

Vedika tells Raksham and Kumud that saavi got discharged. Raksham is happy and asks Giridhar to make tea. Kumud asks where is Sonam? Raksham says Sonam is tired and sleeping. Kumud taunts Raksham. Raksham asks her why she hates him and asks her to tell the truth. Kumud asks Vedika if she shall say. Vedika asks Raksham to wake up Sonam. Raksham goes. Vedika asks Kumud, how can you do this being a mother. Kumud says there is a difference between you and me.

Saavi is getting discharged from the hospital. She says she don’t want wheel chair. Saavi and Nityam pray to Bappa in the hospital. Saavi is about to fall, when Nityam holds her. Nutan and Manav come there. Nutan says they had gone to temple and came here. Manav asks Nityam to bring her outside and says I will bring taxi. Nityam asks why? He says Saavi is going with him to Dalmia house. Nutan says Saavi will come with us to hanuman gali. Nityam says I know when to give what medicines. Saavi says I don’t want to trouble you more. Manav asks him to give him discharge summary. Nityam says Bua Dadi is at home. Manav says do you want her to act even in this condition. Saavi says Bua Dadi is my family. Manav and Saavi sign each other like they do in their friendship. Nityam gets irritated. Saavi goes with him.

Sonam gets happy to wake up and realize that she is in Dalmia house. She dances happily. Raksham comes there. Sonam is about to hug him. He asks her to get ready as Saavi is coming. He says bittu has taken good care of her. Sonam gets irritated and breaks the bowl. Vedika instructs Giridhar and the Servants to change the bedsheets and use hand sanitizer in Saavi’s room. Raksham asks them to make plain food. Kumud asks where is the flower petals and tells that Saavi shall be welcomed like Maharani and tells that she has saved her husband. Sonam comes there. Vedika asks Sonam to welcome Saavi. Sonam says yes and goes outside. Nityam comes in his car with Saavi. Saavi folds her hands before the inhouse temple. Raksham asks how are you? Nityam say she is fine. Sonam does her aarti and tilak. Saavi smiles and says you have done this for me, Didi. Sonam says not Didi, but jethani. She says now I have become your jethani. Everyone is surprised.

Precap: Saavi tries to applies kajal to her eyes. Nityam takes the kajal and is about to apply it in her eyes, when the lawyer calls them.

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