Sadda Haq 30th July 2016 Episode Watch Online


  1. aarya
    February 19, 02:45 Reply

    The more she observes him, the harder it gets to categorize him. He’s as smart as Randhir and comes across as passionate as Sanyukta yet he behaves as humbly as Jiggy and his views are as pure and simple as Kaustuki’s.

    He avoids her just like everyone else; but not for the same reasons that others do. He avoids her because she reminds him of the boy he used to be.

  2. aarya
    February 19, 02:37 Reply

    A fight sequence between Paarth & Dark shadow..
    A fun to watch…

  3. Paarth
    January 07, 08:08 Reply

    Vardhan sir !

    How many times.. He used to say ‘interesting very interesting’ 😉

  4. aarya
    January 05, 11:10 Reply

    3 main lead….




    Paarth kashyap – The baba

  5. aarya
    August 08, 08:56 Reply

    Where is wu….
    All disappeared 🙄 👿
    Not my choice…. 😐

    If u r reading this then hmmmm is dedicated to u

    • Aadvika
      February 19, 05:01

      Hmmmm.. 😀

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