Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 31st May 2016 Written Update

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Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 31st May 2016 Written Update by Pooja

Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 31st May 2016 Written Episode

Hanuman asks Rishi what he can do for him. Rishi asks for all his boons. Kesari is stunned to hear it. Hanuman asks him how it will help him. Who are you? Rishi thinks of Ravan’s warning words not to think of dharma and adharma while doing his work. Rishi asks him if a Brahmin will get alms only after giving his introduction. Give your powers to me for forever or tell me to leave.

Narad ji gets tensed. If Ravan succeeds in his mission then everything will go wrong. Vayu Dev calls it injustice. Vali is already protected because of his mother’s promise and has half of his powers already. How will Hanuman face him without any of his powers? Varun Dev adds that Hanuman can fail in winning over Vali this way. Ma Saraswati thinks to help Hanuman now.

Rishi gives a small branch in Hanuman’s hand. This starts the process of giving alms. Kesari comes there just then with his soldiers. Mata Saraswati also appears there. Rishi begins to ask for Hanuman’s powers again when Ma Saraswati magically makes him speak the words of her choice. He ends up asking for Hanuman’s powers for a day’s time only. Rishi is stunned to realise it. what happened to my tongue? I was about to say always.

Narad ji thanks Ma Saraswati for intervening at the right time. You handled the situation well and saved Hanuman.

Kesari says what you are saying. Don’t you know Hanuman is fighting with Vali? How will he be able to face Vali without his powers? Rishi looks upset. Hanuman understands that he is hesitant to do it. You aren’t doing it on your own. Surely Vali Bhaiya or his ally has forced you to do it. Rishi tells him to think anything but stick to his words. Do it or back out now. I have started the process of it. It is your turn now. Kesari points out that he has gone against dharma by asking for his boons before his fight. It means Hanuman is free to disagree. Rishi says I am surprised by your new definition of giving alms. You are disrespecting a Brahmin! It is an insult to me. Hanuman promised me yet he is returning me empty handed.

One man informs Anjana and Maharani about what’s happening in the jungle. Anjana worries for Hanuman. I am well aware of his nature. He will happily agree to it. He will give all his powers to that Brahmin.

Hanuman is in a fix. He stops the Rishi from leaving. I am ready to give you all my powers for a day. Kesari tells him against it. Vali is certainly behind it. Vali is sitting atop a tree and watching it all happily. Hanuman says I cannot break the norms of alms and donation. I cannot return a Brahmin empty handed. You only say that those who follow the path of dharma are never hurt. I will follow my dharma without worrying about anything. Kesari is shocked. Hanuman wears the branch in his finger. He kneels down before the Rishi. As per your wish, I will give you my powers for a day upon your askance. Anjana, Maharaj and Maharani reach there just then. They stop in their tracks in shock as they hear it. Maharani feels bad and is in tears.

Rishi looks shocked. Hanuman gives all his powers to Rishi. His family members look on in disbelief. Anjana cries. How will my son fight with powerful Vali without his powers now? Rishi gets all of Hanuman’s powers and disappears.

Anjana rushes to Hanuman and hugs him. Maharaj and Maharani look on feeling helpless and guilty. Vali is watching it all. Anjana cries hugging her son. What did you do son? You dint do right. You promised Maharani ji as well. You returned the necklace of Devraj Indra back to Vali. You gave away all your boons to a Brahmin. What innocence is this? How will you fight with Vali now? Hanuman wipes her tears. I cannot leave the path of dharma even in wrong circumstances. I have learnt it from you and father. I cannot go against dharma by getting scared. Anjana says ok. You should fulfil putr dharma now. You wont fight now. Hanuman gets up. I have taken a vow. I cannot differentiate between my words and acts. I am compelled to go for the fight as I have to keep the promise. Kesari too does not want to fight with Vali because of his cheating. Hanuman requests him not to stop him. I only lack my boons. I have your and Ma’s blessings. He helps Anjana stand. Bless me that dharma wins in this fight through me. He touches their feet. His parents bless him. Kesari looks proudly at him.

Vali notices his parents standing far and watching. It seems like my mother is feeling guilty. Is she feeling sympathetic to that Markat? Maharaj turns to his wife. You must be happy now. Hanuman is already bound by your promise. He has lost his powers as well. Now your son has nothing to fear from Hanuman. You can still do the right thing. He walks towards where Hanuman is. She thinks he is right. I should free Hanuman from my promise. Vali stops her just then. Are you going to that Markat? Don’t do this please. Your motherly love is going to win soon. Your son will surely defeat that Markat is fight today. she tells him to leave her hand. you don’t deserve to be called my son. He reasons that he is her son after all. Your anger towards me shows how much you love me. You are my mother. How can you forget this? She looks at Hanuman. Vali follows her gaze. He keeps her hand on his head. I wont give you a chance to forget it. You have my swear. You wont free that Markat from your promise. She looks at him in shock. He says I know you will never break it. He turns to go when he sees Hanuman touching his father’s feet. He bends down and touches his mother’s feet.

Conch blows hinting at the beginning of today’s fight. The member of both the families and Gods look tensed. Hanuman and Vali stand facing each other. Vali thinks Markat lost his powers even for a day. I will see till when you will stand here. Hanuman thinks I may have lost the powers but I have my parents’ blessings. Hanuman and Vali look at each other.

Precap: Hanuman touches dirt on his head. Vali says you still have the courage to fight with me. Anjana prays for Hanuman’s safety.

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