Santoshi Maa 16th October 2017 Written Update

Santoshi Maa 16th October 2017 Written Update by Amena

Santoshi Maa 16th October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa calling Maa Adishakti. Police checks the place and face the poisonous gas. They leave from there and look for Dhairya. Brahmadev says Santoshi Maa’s Anushtaan is at its final phase. Seshnath tells inspector that Dhairya is mad, we want to get Santoshi and do her last rites, I will help. He thinks to find Santoshi to get insurance money. Brahmadev says Santoshi Maa’s tapp is echoing here, don’t know when will Adishakti get pleased and come. Mahadev comes. Brahmadev asks why did he come. Mahadev asks why is Santoshi Maa calling Adishakti.

Ashwin Kumar hope Gaumata’s soul keeps Santoshi’s body fine. They go. Ants get on Gaumata. Brahmadev tells everything to Mahadev. Mahadev gets angry and goes to Asur lok. Asur Raj says Mahadev is coming to kill

us. Asur says Prabal is not found. Devi Paulmi says I just have one solution now, to go in Mahadev’s support. She asks Prabal to come back, and promises she won’t take Santoshi back. Prabal says Devi Paulmi is cheating me to call me back. He shouts I won’t come.
Dhairya prays for Santoshi. Seshnath says I know Dhairya well, I will help you in finding Santoshi. He goes with police. Devi Paulmi gets worried. Asur Raj says we got in danger, none should get such son. Devi Paulmi says just Mahadev can save us, we should seek his help, there is no other solution, come with me. Mahadev shouts Asur Raj, come out. Santoshi Maa asks Adishakti to appear. Brahmadev says Mahadev’s anger will burn Asur lok. Narad says yes, Santoshi’s soul will get freedom, she will get a life. Dhairya stands praying and cries.

Mahadev is about to throw his burning trishul. Devi Paulmi and Asur Raj come and apologize to him. She says I m trying to explain Prabal. Asur Raj says Prabal is not listening to anyone. She says I failed to find Prabal, I promise to find him, don’t punish him for his mistake

Kaki asks Kaka about Dhairya. He says we couldn’t find him, I m scared for him, if he harmed himself. Dhairya and Santoshi Maa’s tapp continues. Kaka asks Kaki not to worry, everything is in Lord’s hand, maybe Dhairya’s belief makes Santoshi alive. Kaki says can anyone get alive after death. She cries. Seshnath guides police.

Mahadev calms down. He says you did mistake to get Santoshi here, get Prabal to me, else there won’t be any place for forgiveness. Devi Paulmi agrees. He goes. Devi Parvati says Mahadev should have not trusted such a cheat. Brahmadev says Mahadev forgives enemies as well, don’t worry, they will free Santoshi’s soul, Devi Paulmi has to face Devsabha.

Dhairya asks police not to take Santoshi. Adishakti gives the weapon to Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi says I have to go to Dev sabha for her next plan

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