Santoshi Maa 6th October 2017 Written Update

Santoshi Maa 6th October 2017 Written Update by Amena

Santoshi Maa 6th October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Santoshi Maa to save Santoshi. Media comes there. Prabal asks how can this happen, Santoshi has no memory. Dadi cries for Santoshi. Dhairya sits praying. Ujwal consoles Kaki. Dhairya tries to solve the problem. Prabal gets restless. Media tells about Dhairya’s strong belief, he is saving his wife by his love. Santoshi Maa waits for BhavarRaj.

BhavarRaj comes there. She asks him the news. He says I have found Santoshi’s life, she is in Asur lok, Devi Paulmi has put her soul in a new image, see this. They all see Devi paulmi’s act. Santoshi Maa gets angry. Devi Laxmi says we have to calm her anger. Devi Saraswati says we have to stop her. Narad agrees.

Devi Paulmi says memory is needed along with soul, else human qualities can’t be there,
Brahmadev’s workplace can give her a memory, but her real memory is on earth, we have to get a new memory for her, it can happen when he can connect to Brahmadev’s workplace. Prabal asks her to do anything, but not let his love fail. She says I have to plan to reach there, its not easy. She sees Dhairya praying and says we have to first destroy Santoshi’s body, I will send the organisms to destroy her body in some time.

Devlok Vaids see Santoshi’s shield breaking by the dangerous organisms. They get worried. They decide to go on earth and save Santoshi to keep their promise. They come there and save Santoshi. Inspector says I can’t wait now, we gave you enough time. Kaki asks him not to take Santoshi. Inspector says we have to obey laws.

People criticize Dhairya, belief can’t help a dead man, Santoshi is dead. Dhairya says stop it, I m sure she will come back, I trust my love completely, get out from here, I don’t need anyone. He prays to Maa and says if my belief breaks, my belief in your existence will also break. Santoshi Maa thinks of Santoshi and gets angry. Devis meet Brahmadev and tell everything. He asks where is Devi Paulmi, she would have got a secret place in asur lok, so that Devtas can’t reach there, we have to go Asur lok to stop Devi Santoshi.They all go. Santoshi Maa comes to Asur lok. Prabal says I want to hear Santoshi’s sweet voice. Devi Paulmi says Ashwini can’t save Santoshi’s body, I will attack with an organism which is created in asur lok. She laughs. Daasi comes and says Santoshi Maa is angry and coming here. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi Maa will also get caught here, I should meet her first. Prabal looks on. Santoshi Maa calls out Devi Paulmi and asks her to prove her bravery by coming out. She says I will punish you for your crimes…..

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