Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 12th February 2020 Written Update

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 12th February 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 12th February 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with Indresh’s father goes inside house angrily & brings gun telling him you cross the door & I’ll shoot her & end this drama once & for all so indresh comes in front the gun while his father is warning him telling you will lose your life if you don’t be aside then his mother stops his father shouting for this stupid girl you will kill your son & he stops & goes away & all disburse while indresh tells his mother that father will become calm but you welcome your this daughter-in-law as you were always saying you will play with my bride then she gets arrogant saying she is a criminal who has stolen my son & abuses her & goes away so indresh says to not to destroy my love & you all do not welcome but I will & he takes her inside house welcoming her.
Indresh’s mother is cursing swati & his son in front of her husband while he stops her saying now I will do what I can & kill his tongue. They both are abusing them & also cursing their fate too saying we won’t allow this girl to stay in our house & won’t tolerate this & will try to throw her from there where she has come from & be calm so he tells her that if you won’t throw her then I’ll kill you & she accepts.
Swati is happy seeing house & with indresh’s welcome & becomes very emotional with complete love for him while he is doing her Pooja with full devotion towards her. All are watching from behind what indresh is doing & cursing both of them while second’s son’s wife is telling him what are you watching & go to stop him but he is abusing her while she is fighting with him & their grandmother is stopping them.
Indresh is telling swati I do not know what to do about this kalash then swati tells him I know & he pushes with her legs for entering to complete to process.
Dev rishi also appreciates both of them.
Indresh’s brother is calming his father that to not to worry & will plan something to throw her so he tells him do something or your mother will be killed by me.
The informers of polomi says why this human scares his wife which is wrong then polomi says which is wrong is good for us as when he plans this then all our plans too will get successful & they appreciate her evil mind.
Indresh tells swati this is our room while she tells him I have brought mata santoshi’s statue & he is appreciating the statue but she asks where to keep then he says in home temple then she says if anybody does not like then he explains her this is also god who won’t stop this. They put her statue & pray her while indresh also tells mahadev I know the promise from his mind.
Dev rishi is telling santoshi mata how they have kept your statue so nicely in their temple & she explains him this is their devotion towards me & now this will help her more in future to make her life stable.
Indresh & swati are discussing how will our life lead & will everything become stable then he calms her & explains her to not to worry till we are together. He also jokes with her saying now how will this happen & she asks what so he says who will decorate our room & she blushes so he tells her to wait as I’ll bring flowers while she receives call from her mother & asks her is all ok there & did they harass you? so she instead talks good about everything & her mother becomes calm while she feels depressed inside her heart.
Indresh comes with flowers saying just found this much thank god & as he is arranging then swati is just keeping & stearing him emotionally while he too gets emotional with her & they are enjoying their company together.

Precap: Polomi is ordering her informer birds to go & do my work as this devotee of santoshi should not lead her life comfortably while all three women’s in indresh’s family come to harass swati cursing her & destroy her decoration of flowers when indresh was away for some time saying enjoy your first marriage night now.

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