Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 14th February 2020 Written Update

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 14th February 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 14th February 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with Indresh’s father & his both son’s go with him to do Pooja.
Devi polomi call a woman & a man telling them you have to go to indresh’s father’s place to create disturbances & they disburse.
Swati asks her mother how to make masala tea & she explains so swati tells her I’ll make the same tea today for everybody.
Indresh’s father is doing Pooja on road while a woman is abusing him saying his son has married without his permission & here he is doing Pooja showing his so good image but his son’s are stopping her but she does not so while indresh’s father comes to stop her warning her I’ll slap you then a man stops him saying why are you lifting hand’s on a women where instead your son is wrong on his part & abuses him of his son being evil.
Daughter-in-law comes to disturb swati in kitchen while she tells her to not to do this then she tries to use her hands but swati instead retaliates & she is shocked.
Dev rishi appreciates of swati with mata santoshi that she is definitely capable to face such situations now.
Swati is explaining her to not to this as I too am the member as you. She goes around the house crying & shouting that her hand is broken by this girl so grandmother tells her you could had broken her mouth so she tells her I have to see about the image of our family too then indresh’s mother tells her I’ll complain about her to indresh’s father now.
Indresh’s father comes blaming about indresh to everybody while his daughter tells him here too this girl has broken his son’s wife then swati says I did not do anything but I stopped her & she is telling indresh too that you should believe me then indresh supports her & his father tells his another son to call her parents & ask him is this the culture taught to their daughter then swati thinks not to disturb parents & swati tells him to not to call my parents & I accept my mistake which will never happen again. So indresh’s father curses her saying as she has come in this house fights have started now so we have to think about it.
Three women come saying who is indresh’s wife let we too see & as they see her they are cursing her then indresh stops them & takes away swati from there & they again say that see he has become wife’s guard while his father tells them to go away & they leave cursing him.
Indresh’s father is shouting his wife & all to give food now.
Swati asks indresh why you brought me here & what all will think then he says let them think anything but tell me why you lied to father then she tells him I had done this actually so he gets up saying to not to fool me & tell the truth so tells him what happened actually then he tells her now you make tea & I’ll give it to all then she tells him not to fight with anybody so he says I won’t.
Grandmother is explaining indresh’s father to not to get hyper while indresh brings tea telling his father to have tea & we’ll argue later so he takes & indresh offers everybody so all take while swati prays mata santoshi about such a good husband I have got like indresh who tries to join relations nicely.
Indresh tells everybody to have tea while I’ll bring Pooja materials as today is swati’s fast of mata santoshi. Indresh’s father stops indresh telling him that you may have become lover but we won’t be fooled so if at all she offers me pure water then too I won’t have from her & he throws tea cup while all do the same & swati gets shocked with emotions.
Indresh says what is this you have done but never mind as from tomorrow swati won’t prepare tea now as no cups will break & he tells swati to clean this while I’ll bring Pooja materials & all disburse while swati feels very bad whatever happened.
Swati is cleaning while indresh’s father is thinking of the past what had happened since his marriage so he call police telling them I need to file FIR.

Precap: Indresh’s sister tells her mother that swati has kept mata santoshi’s statue in temple then daughter-in-law says to throw away but swati is trying to stop then indresh’s mother tells her daughter to keep under that tree while mata understands & swati is sitting near statue & indresh’s mother tells her your statue won’t be kept in our temple henceforth while indresh’s father says now this girl will also not put her legs in our house & warns her to stay away henceforth which is watched by indresh too.

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