Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 7th February 2020 Written Update

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 7th February 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 7th February 2020 Written Episode

The episode starts with mata paravati praying mahadev & he discusses about hartalika fast & she explains him how it happens so he appreciates her & she feels blessed getting mahadev as her husband.
Swati & indresh are too doing Pooja of hartalika while santoshi mata prays to mahadev & paravati mata for swati.
Indresh’s father comes to his friend’s house to decide of marriage with his daughter & indresh but when he tries to refuse then polomi interrupts & uses her powers towards his friend’s mind & he changes his view of marriage accepting indresh’s father’s proposal .
Dev rishi completes Pooja of swati & indresh while on other side indresh’s father & his friend decide marriage of his daughter & indresh & santoshi mata understands this through her powers. Polomi is laughing on this.
Dev rishi feels confused seeing santoshi mata & she signals him about what polomi has played trick so need to inform mahadev about this.
Indresh’s father is appreciating his friend & decide to which place they meet ahead.
Mata santoshi is complaining mahadev about swati’s disturbance through devi polomi while polomi also comes explaining mahadev & cursing santoshi then interrupts mata paravati explaining her & supporting mata santoshi but polomi talks against her & mahadev decides saying let the fate on earth decide now if santoshi’s devotee is better or polomi’s effect.
Swati & indresh are discussing about how to tackle while he takes promise from swati to not to react stupid again & she promises as well as tells him about faith in mata santoshi which will help resolve this situation.
Indresh’s father’s friend’s daughter comes in house & he makes her decorate with saree & explains her about marriage instantly which was pre-decided itself & also becomes emotional towards her mother.
Polomi is playing trick game & discusses with her informer’s about how she will destroy swati’s love with indresh to disturb mata santoshi’s devotee.
Indresh’s father arranges marriage decorations surprisingly unknowing indresh & as he arrives, he sees everything is decorated & gets surprised.

Precap: Indresh asks his father what is this while he explains him to get ready as girl will arrive for marriage. The girl arrives & stops indresh’s father to proceed any further.

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