Sapno Ki Chhalaang 15th May 2023 Written Update

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 15th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Sapno Ki Chhalaang 15th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika saying I will call back. She asks the driver to take a u turn. Sree says sorry, I answered it by mistake. Radhika calls Radhe and says we were all tired to cook food, so we went out. Lavi argues. Radhika asks can we hear me. Radhe says I can’t hear anything. She says I will reach home and call back. She says it’s a big deal. Radhe says I asked her to make khichdi and eat, but no, she doesn’t listen. Bade Papa says its like inviting a big problem. Suman worries. Everyone argues. Radhika is worried. She says my mum will be blamed now. Gomti answers everyone and says Radhika isn’t doing anything wrong, she is working in Mumbai, can’t she go out some day. Bade Papa says its about lying. She says don’t be so strict that children lie to us. Radhe calls Radhika. Preeti says sorry uncle for the tension, its safe here at nights, sorry to come in between and talk. He sys its okay. Radhika says sorry, I should have not lied to you. He says yes, I would have not refused if you told me, you should tell me that you are going out to have food, you should have convinced me. Sree says music to my ears. Radhika asks are you okay. He says I m okay, you should tell me the truth, don’t do this next time, you have a right, you are my daughter. Radhika gets glad. Gomti is in pain. Radhe gets balm for Gomti. He asks Lucky to get up and apply the blame to Gomti. Gomti says give it to me. Suman looks on. Gomti says Radhika is the best. Suman smiles.

Radhika talks to Suman. Suman says Gomti scolded Radhe and explained him. Radhika asks what. Suman says she said you lied to him thinking he won’t understand. Radhika says amazing, family always supports us. Vaishali says let me sleep, talk slowly. Sree and Preeti also go. Its morning, Radhika gets shocked seeing Abhishek. Preeti also worries. Sree says he got crabs for me, I have to make crab curry. She jokes on him. He says I hate you Sree. A man delivers a parcel for Mrs. Preeti. Sree says she is Miss Preeti. Preeti pours tea on her hand. Radhika sees this and takes care of her. Preeti lies to Radhika.

Sree says we have become celebrity, the news came in the newspaper. Preeti says you didn’t do good, Harsha’s husband would be beating her at home. They ask why is she so negative. Radhika says lets be positive, think good. Sree asks how do you this would happen. Preeti says I was married, I know a lot about marriage, you have no idea about marriage and society. They get shocked.

Preeti says you don’t know what happens when a marriage happens with a wrong person. She throws the parcel and goes. Radhika thinks.

Radhika says I don’t know whose mistake is it, Preeti or her husband’s mistake. Preeti hears this and scolds Radhika for judging her. She cries.

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