Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 14th April 2021 Written Update

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 14th April 2021 Written Update by Sona

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 14th April 2021 Written Episode

Sargam is washing the clothes when Alukik comes with the recording of animal’s voice saying that this is what is causing the pressure of Grandfather, Sargam is worried but Alukik explains that they should buy a buffalo as it would provide them with milk and also help Grandfather, Alukik then starts the recording of a tiger which scares Sargam.

Asthik and Appu come back home crying, both of them rush to help them and after Sargam applies the bandage, she asks how did it happen, Alukik suggests that it would be because of a truck however they both say that it happened because of a buffalo, Appu says that this happened because when they were riding the scooter, Appu got a call and asked Asthik to take out the mobile however when he insisted Appu started riding it faster and caused the accident by a buffalo.

Chedilal takes up the handle of the scooter explaining they have ruined it, Grandfather makes the noise of the horn but Chedilal yells at him asking where he wants to go, Chedilal then says that it is the fault of Appu because he warned him to not take the scooter as his time is going really bad and it caused the accident, Grandfather once again makes the noise of the horn which angers Chedilal, then Chedilal says that they have caused the loss of twelve thousand rupees because they didn’t bring just a single sarree and now who would pay the deficit amount and also the expense of their bandage, Asthik and Appu say they have gotten injured and nothing has happened to the buffalo, he should not be worried about their loss, Asha explains that he has a way to cover the entire loss which they have incurred.

In the morning Asha is talking with his friend explaining what has happened and how the scooter was completely destroyed, he asks if they can file a case but when he ask Parshand to fight on their behalf he refuses ending the call, Chedilal asks what has happened, Asha reveals that he has taken the case on behalf of the other party whose buffalo was hurt, Asthik and Appu asks why did he file a case when his animal was fine and they were the ones who got hurt.

The person comes saying that would tell them what injury they have caused, he brings the buffalo inside asking about Aparshakti, Appu asks what has happened when the person explains that because of the accident his Sushila has gotten into depression and he doesnot know what has happened to Sushi because even is not giving any milk so if they give him the money for the milk only then would he take back the case, Sargam suggests that they would give the money for the milk, he is not ready to take the money for just one day because who knows when she would start giving milk, they ask if he is implying they should give the money for the rest of their lives, Chedilal gets worried when the person says that they would take care of his buffalo and make sure that she is healthy once again, this is the only way by which they can make sure that the case is withdrawn. He leaves saying that Sushila would stay in their house which worries the entire Awasthi family.

Appu is sitting in front of Sushila apologizing constantly to her, pleading that she start eating because he has brought everything for her, Sushila however gets angry, Alukik explains that he should not talk with such a manner because she is not his girlfriend, Sargam asks him to take the full name but when she sits down with Appu, the buffalo gets calm, Alukik notices it so says to Sargam she should sit with him, Sargam starts walking with the buffalo asking if she would like to have anything else to eat, Alukik says that she doesnot want to eat those things, Asthik explains he should ask what she likes, Alukik says that if she could speak then would have yelled at the time of the accident.

Alukik sits down to ask but then says she might like Momo however Appu gets mad, Asthik coming to Sargam suggests that she cook something in the house, explaining even at the barn of his Guru je the buffalo like to eat rice pudding so Sargam leaves, to cook the dish, Appu and Alukik asks what has he done because no one would get healthy after eating the dishes cooked by Sargam, Alukik exclaims what would happen when she gives the buffalo the rice pudding and he is worried the buffalo might die.

Chedilal is balancing the expenses explaining how they have incurred a lot of expenses and also the loss of twelve thousand rupees and on top of that the expense of the grass for buffalo is a lot, Eklawya says that he could have brought the pizza which he likes to eat, Chedilal warns him to not even think of it saying that if the buffalo gets habitual of eating pizza, they might have to sell themselves to finance it. Grandfather asks Eklawya to pay the fees, Chedilal asks why he is spending the amount, so Grandfather explains that he has found out about a religious person and is going to ask about the solution to his pressure.

Chedilal walks down the stairs with the Awasthi brothers asking Asthik why he had to open his mouth, Chedilal asks someone to stop her because he is worried about what would happen to buffalo after she eats the dishes made by Sargam as even they get really unhealthy after eating but Sargam feels that she is a good cook.

The entire family is standing when Sargam presents the dishes and the buffalo gets mad after eating it, Asthik calls Sushmita to look up and take the name of Guru jee as only that name can help her, Appu is worried that the owner would surely send him in jail.

Precap: Chedilal is talking with the baba who says that the buffalo went into depression after heating the horn so music would end it, they are able to make the buffalo give milk, Appu is relieved that he is out of danger, Chedilal says that he is still in trouble even if the buffalo is healthy, the Baba says that the Appu must be married to a black cow as only then would the bad omen be removed.

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