Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 15th April 2021 Written Update

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 15th April 2021 Written Update by Sona

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 15th April 2021 Written Episode

The entire Awasthi family is worried when Appu exclaims that he would be sent to jail, Alukik exclaims that he feels they are taking it wrong because the buffalo seems to be enjoying and really likes the food cooked by Sargam, he says that they must see she has completely eaten the food, Grandfather comes asking what is happening, they say that the buffalo really liked the food cooked by Sargam, he asks if there is anything left so she says that she has cooked it separately for them, Grandfather gets worried, she says that he really likes her food and when he asks if she meant him, she says that he said it two years ago on 8th June on the mobile with his friend, Eklawya asks if she really remembers the date, Sargam mentions that it was her anniversary as she finished the crime novel, she says these small things cause tremendous happiness, Alukik seeing he buffalo says that she really liked what Sargam said so she once again says it, Chedilal says they would sya it the entire day and he says it but the buffalo gets angry, Asthik also tries it but the buffalo doesnot like him, Alukik then asks Sargam to try it.

Appu thanks Sargam for helping him asking him to call the owner to take him away and also remove the case, Alukik says that she has also digested the food seeing which Grandfather starts crying, they all ask what is the matter so he says that he is not able to go, Asha consoles him saying there is nothing to worry about because they also have the food of Sargam, she gets mad, Eklawya asks him to not worry because they also have the opinion of the Baba, he also says the same quote which Sargam always says.

Appu says to the owner that the buffalo has gotten really well and has started eating, he has a feeling she would get really better, the owner asks if she ahs started giving otherwise he remembers what a buffalo which doesnot give milk is like, Appu answers that he knows that an animal which doesnot provide milk is dead, the owner says that he is the cause of her being dead and must assure that she is healthy otherwise he would be sent to the jail, Appu responds Asthik is already going to milk the buffalo, Appu asks if he actually knows it, Asthik reveals that he is experienced on milking the animals at the barn of his Guru jee, he sits beside the buffalo asking Asha to get aside from her face because she might get mad and hit him, he is however not able to milk her.

The Buffalo gets restless after hearing the horn and Appu reveals that it is like the same horn which caused her to go into depression, they conclude that it is Pinki jee who is constantly pressing the horn, she is however not able to stop the horn, Appu rushing outside pleads with her to stop the horn, she exclaims that she cannot as it is stuck, Asha questions why doesn’t she not listen and stop parking her scooty in front of their house, Appu after getting mad starts hitting it with a stone so it stops, Pinki jee says that he has not fixed it but ruined the horn, Appu responds that she can take the money for the damages and heads back inside exclaiming that everything is fine but they are shocked to see Asthik on the floor, he asks Sargam what has happened, she points to Sushi.

Asthik getting up exclaims that she got mad after hearing the horn and hit him with a severe kick, he is getting mad asks if they all went to really end the horn, he leaves after picking the shoe, they all also leave, Sargam exclaims to Sargam that nothing is fine.
In the morning Chedilal is performing the calculation for the expenses and is not able to believe how expensive everything is getting, Asthik brings the food for the buffalo and hands Chedilal the bill, he exclaims that Pinki jee also gave the bill of two thousand rupees, he advises Appu to lock himself in the room because if he touches anything it breaks, he lifts his arm hitting the wall hanging, Chedilal adds it to the expenses list.

Grandfather comes out of the bathroom saying that he has attended it, Asha gets worried, thinking who helped him, he comes to them all exclaiming it was because of the advice of the Baba and he ordered him to attend the bathroom wearing socks in his hands, with this technique he was able to attend it in just ten minutes. Asha advises they should also call him for the problem with the buffalo.

Eklawya sitting in the kitchen table shows Chedilal the website and mentions that it has a three hundred package which would give them ten minutes, he contacts the Baba but when Chedilal starts talking, Asthik Snatches the mobile praising him for his magical technique, he start explaining about his own Guru je, Grandfather also takes it thanking him for his support in the issue, finally when Chedilal gets a chance the call ends, Eklawya once again dials it, Chedilal says it so quickly that he is not able to understand, Sargam asks him to say it slowly, he then explains that entire situation. Baba then mentions he wants to get less punishment, Appu taking it says that he wants the punishment to end, Chedilal asks him to hurry and then the Baba says that the buffalo went into depression because of the horn so they must create the music which she is used to, Chedilal and the family do not understand but Sargam says that she has understood and asks the owner to bring the utensils that are near the buffalo.

The owner brings them all, Sargam along with the family start making the music with the utensil, Grandfather is also able to attend the bathroom and the buffalo also gives the milk, the owner is really happy and tries pulling the buffalo away but she doesnot want to, Alukik asks Sargam to say it once again, she says her habitual quote,” small things cause tremendous happiness” hearing which the buffalo also yells, they all walk her out of the house with the owner who has agreed to take back the case, Appu while turning once again destroys the lamp.

He sits on the stairs exclaiming that his bad luck is not ending and he doesnot know what to do, Sargam tries to explain there is nothing of the sort however he is adamant, Asha suggests that he call the Baba as he was able to help Grandfather and also the buffalo, Appu seeks permission from Sargam who also agrees.

Alukik coming to Sargam asks since when she started believing in such things, Sargam mentions that she doesnot but Appu would not having any such thought after this, Chedilal explains the entire situation to the Baba who responds that it is a big thing, Appy is ready to do all that he can then the Baba suggests that the only way to end it by getting Appu married, Sargam gets mad hearing to the solution.

Precap: Baba reveals that everything that is wrong in this house is because of Appu and it would be corrected when he gets married with a black buffalo, Sargam says that she would not allow it however Appu asks what is the wrong in it, Baba suggest that the auspicious time is for five in the evening, Sargam vows to not let the marriage happen.

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