Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 22nd April 2021 Written Update

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 22nd April 2021 Written Update by Sona

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 22nd April 2021 Written Episode

Alukik reveals that it is not right for their mother to come in her dreams that too on her death anniversary, Appu says that she should not pay attention to his words when Sargam reveals that something like this happened before with the television and she was not able to recognize the voice but now is sure that it was her mother in law, Sargam leans beside the pillar so Alukik questions if she is going to sleep standing there, Sargam says that she must sleep now and asks Alukik to not create any voice however he once again creates a voice which angers her, Sargam orders him to not create any more voice, Appu asks if he has understood how he lives his life.

Sargam is sleeping, Appu and Alukik open the window, Alukik calls to Anthony but Appu asks him to keep quiet otherwise Sargam would wake up, Alukik asks if he knows what their mother would be saying to Sargam however Appu exclaims he doesnot know but cannot understand why their mother has decided to come back and talk with Sargam rather than them, Alukik reveals that it might be because she feels that Sargam is more trustworthy than them all.

Sargam is delighted to see her mother-in-law, she asks why she has come back, her mother in law exclaims that she has come back for some important work which she wants her to fulfill, Sargam asks what is the matter so the mother in law says that she want Sargam to get the elder of the house married because he is feeling sad and if he is not married again then the entire house would be ruined, she is about to reveal the name of the person when Sargam wakes up scolding Appu and Alukik for creating a noise, Appu says that it is the fault of Alukik because he was not able to remain quiet, Sargam mentions that he was right and mother in law was saying that they must get the elder of the house married, Alukik mentions she might be talking of Appu because he is even the elder of two brothers, Sargam scolds him asking why would mother in law come in her dream and ask her to get her own husband married, Appu and Alukik then wonder if she might be talking of Grandfather, Sargam however doesnot believe them at first but then asks if it can really be the case, she is however worried if he can really be married, Alukik asks why can it not be so because a person feels the most lonely at the old age, they all rush to ask him if he really wants to get married.

Grandfather is watching the television where the reporter exclaims that if they are feeling relaxed at home then there might something to worry about just as the old man standing next to him who just said to his children that he doesnot feel comfortable at home, they got an excuse to send him at the old age home, they might also be send there if they complain to their children.
Grandfather turns off the television after being scared, Sargam asks if he wants to have tea however he says he has already had it saying that he doesnot want anything else, Appu signals her to ask, he realizes there is something wrong so asks if they have something to talk about, Sargam mentions that there is nothing worrying, Alukik asks then why have they come to him, Appu looks at him in anger, Sargam mentions they all are busy in their work, Alukik interrupts that half of his time is spent in the bathroom.
Sargam talking further says he might be feeling lonely because he is alone now after the death of Grandmother, he starts remembering what the reporter said about not saying this to the children, Appu also explains that he might be lonely however Grandfather realizing that they might send him away sop he mentions there is no problem and he is happy even when he is alone so would ask them to never come in his room as he gets fed up because of them, Grandfather leaves, Sargam explains that she said that mother was not talking about Grandfather, he wonders about going to the roof then realizes he is acting of being handicapped so asks Alukik to come and help him.

Sargam is with Appu, she sees Chedilal talking with his friend exclaiming that he feels like staying a bit longer at the shop because he feels lonely, Sargam exclaims she has found the elder of the house, Sargam and Appu enter the room of Chedilal when they see that he is listening to the old and sad songs so they ask if he is lonely, Chedilal mentions that it is not the case because they all are with him however after the death of his wife he is lonely, Sargam and Appu say that they would get Chedilal married.
In the morning Chedilal helps his father reach the hall and exclaims that he knows he is not lonely, Sargam mentions that Chedilal is feeling lonely which is why he is going early, she mentions that this is why they have to get him married, Asha and Asthik ask what she is saying and how can they get their own father married, Grandfather is sitting and remembers when Sargam came to him, he asks if this is why she came to him yesterday, they all exclaim that they thought he was lonely however he revealed that he is fine so they found out their mother was talking about their father.

Chedilal is walking in the market when Kripa jee is buying the vegetables and she hits him in the back with a tomato when he passes without noticing her, he helps her pick them up and asks why does she buy them each and every day, Kripa jee reveals it is because she drops them and cannot take her eyes off him, he touching them exclaims no one can make a better puree then his late wife, kripa jee gets jealous saying she can also make the same puree if he allows her however he doesnot believe her and leaves after advising her to take care of the tomatoes.

Asha says it cannot happen, Asthik also says that he is against the marriage of his brothers and now she desires to get his father married, he is worried of what his Guru jee would think of him. Eklawya is also tensed of the embarrassment which he would have to face at school, Sargam pleads with them to think of their father first and asks them to notice his actions, if they feel he is okay, she will let go of her promise.

Precap: Sargam asks the brothers to see that Chedilal has a profile at a marriage site, she is adamant to create a profile with the name of Kripa jee and chat with their father to find out what he has in his heart.

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