Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 9th April 2021 Written Update

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 9th April 2021 Written Update by Sona

Sargam Ki Sadhe Satii 9th April 2021 Written Episode

Akki is continuality playing game and would not leave even a single person, Sargam asks what is this because the entire page is filled with red marks, Sargam questions why he got low marks in maths so Akki says that he is just like his father when Sargam asks if she teaches him rather than his father. Chedilal coming with Grandfather explains that it is better she is his teacher, he looking at the pot asks why did she make such an expensive dish, Chedilal exclaims that they are not worthy of such a dish, Alukik asks Sharma to pass it, Chedilal says that there is no one sitting and orders Alukik to leave. Asha also comes desiring to eat the dish however Chedilal says that no one would get the dish, Grandfather asks him to pay more attention to his son, asking if he even knows in which he is studying. Chedilal orders Sargam to put the dish in the refrigerator when Akki says a bad name which shocks Sargam, she accidentally drops the dish which worries Chedilal who mentions that there had been so many things which are now wasted, Sargam also mentions that she had placed such good character and also virtues which are now wasted, Chedilal asks what she means when Grandfather points out that she is talking about Akki.

Sargam asks Chedilal if he has even heard what Akki was saying, he once again says the word which shocks Chedilal, Akki is sitting when Sargam is constantly asking from where did he listened such a word however he explains that he cannot remember, Sargam scolds him asking the name when Akki says that even if it was a question in Kaun Banay Ga Carorpati he would not have been able to answer anything, Sargam then grounds him, saying that he would not get any sweets or his mobile so must go back to his room and study, Akki leaves, Sargam is adamant to find out the person from whom he is learning such heinous words, she orders Eklawya to follow Akki and see where he is going.

Eklawya is following Akki and constant informing Chedilal and Sargam, Akki stops at a Vendor, he requests for some water, Eklawya hides to listen what he is doing, Sargam is adamant to come and scold him because of the bad company, Akki however starts moving again and looks at the poster of a low market movie, Sargam feels that he is watching such movies which is why he is speaking such words, Eklawya however explains that Akki is just tying his shoe laces and has moved on.

The next morning Eklawya says that he has been following Akki for the past three days and has not been able to find anything, he suggests that Akki might have learned the word from one of the elder brothers, Chedilal disagrees saying that this cannot be because his sons cannot talk in such a way, they hear Asthik talking, he is really angry and scolding everyone, he says to Appu that he is no good and an irresponsible person, Chedilal is tensed when Grandfather asks he is thinking if Asthik has ever talked like this.
Alukik coming to Asthik asks if he talks like this, Asthik says that he wants to inform those like Asha and Appu that if someone like him gets mad then can also say such words, Appu getting mad says that he can also say such words if he desires so he must not talk, Alukik starts laughing when Asthik asks if he also wants to hear such words, Alukik explains that he already has his own words which are not even in the market, he says something disrespecting Guru jee that angers Asthik who starts strangling Alukik with the plastic pipe.

Chedilal says to Sargam that they have found the ones responsible for teaching Akki that word, he is adamant to question them so goes down the stairs in anger however hearing his voice all of them start acting as if nothing has happened, Asthik acts as if he is teaching Alukik how to tie a tie, Appu laughs asking what has happened when Sargam advises them all to get back to work taking Chedilal away, he questions why did she not let him question them, she replies that they would have lied and not told the truth, Eklawya explain that he has a way by which they can get the truth.

Sargam is in the shop along with everyone when she is constantly waiting for someone, Chedilal comes disguised as a Sikh and starts saying bad things to Chedilal demanding that he come out, Awasti brothers do not care and get back to work when Sargam asks them to come outside as the Sikh is talking about their father, the Sikh mentions that they would not come out because they are not confident enough.

Appu asks the Sikh why is he shouting, he questions Appu about his identity, Appu explains that he is the son of Chedilal, the Sikh mentions that he is he son of that minimizer, Alukik explains that there is a correction and he is the father of all of them, Sikh says they are the ones on whom he is spending his money but not returning what he owed, Asha clarifies that he doesnot any money on them, Alukik explains that his father is a minimizer and it is his hobby. Sargam and Eklawya signal him to be more frustrated.
He asks them to call Chedilal, Asthik mentions that their father is not in the shop so he must not create such a scene, however Chedilal keeps on pumping them demanding that if they have the will then should come in front and say something, Asthik however turns with his brothers but Sargam stops them, she asks Appu to say something and he agrees however Appu doesnot say such words that Sargam wants to hear, she asks Asha to say such words that make him tremble however Asha starts trembling himself, Sargam also asks Alukik to say the word but he standing in front of asks the person to come again tomorrow when he would learn the words, Chedilal gets worried so sits down removing the beard, everyone gets shocked, Sargam sends the people away, Eklawya explains that Akki said the word which they were trying to find out if anyone of them had taught him, Sargam explains she is thinking to sleep with Akki as then she would be able to ask him where he learnt the word.

In the night Appu secretly enters the room, Sargam asks if he has done it, Appu explains that he has said all the dialogues, when he is about to sleep, he hears that Sargam is saying the word in her sleep, so he immediately runs to ask Chedilal to come with him.
Alukik is sleeping on the table, Chedilal asks why is sleeping so Alukik says that he went to sleep after eating, Appu asks them to come as he has to show them all, they are shocked to see that Sargam is saying the word in his sleep.

Chedilal is tensed exclaiming she is the one, she apologizes mentioning that it is her fault and she is ready to fulfil the punishment, Eklawya takes out the list and starts reading the punishment which shocks everyone, Sargam is ready to fulfil the punishment and walks away, Chedilal coming to her says that there is no need for her to fulfil the punishment as the house is nothing without her, they all explain what she said was in her sleep so there is no need, Alukik calls Akki and they start reading the English alphabets, he mentions that H also means happy, they all laugh.

Precap: Chedilal says that they are not even allowed to speak the name of the bottle, Asthik asks he is okay to keep a bottle in their house, Chedilal decides to throw it in the river, Asha is drinking the bottle, Appu gets shocked and so also has a drink when Sargam sees him, she is shocked, Chedilal asks her to bring the bottle from the store but she is worried what would they do.

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