Sasural Genda Phool[Episode 147] – 24th September 2010 Written Update

Written Update


Radha Bua is crying..Badi Maa comes and sits near her and consoles her…Badi maa asks her why she leaves the snake to bite her..(not literally)..when she knows its near her..radha bua asks what the husband would have been thinking when he was taking saat phere…abt selling her..and that she was very happy that she was getting married but what did she get…and starts crying..

Suhaana gets up asking for juice and coffee…R&D comes and asks her to get ready and that they are in amroha..SUhaana says it will take her 2hrs to get ready..R&D shocked…Suhaana says she takes 15min to brush teeth and campaign for colgate..

Raunak,Panna and MIL having breakfast..FIL comes and asks for screwdriver in hindi..MIL corrects him screwdriver and asks for what..FIL tells his recorder is not playing..MIL starts that they have got a new house but he hasnt left his recorder…panna says that she will call mechanic..MIL says people in downmarket always think like that and that they should get a new one…Raunak has been uncomfortable all time..he tells his father where the screw driver is…he takes and goes..MIL also leaves..panna is very surprised that raunak did not complain abt anything..raunak says he did not want the prob to get to her,..panna says he did not even abt go to office..raunak is very uncomfortable..

Dadaji is writing something and tells the house is very calm without suhaana…dadiji says she is liking it as suhaana has become more naughtier than meeti…Radha Bua comes in…and dadaji-dadiji has a small fight regarding this..dadiji says atlast that she was just joking and that suhaana is like life to the house,.,,dadaji asks radha to give a pen as the pen he was using was not writing prop…radha bua gives and asks to whom he is writing..he says deepak…and says whatever happened to him wasnt right…and radha bua is not understanding him at all..and also deepak has grown up and has his own selfrespect…Radha Bua asks what abt her selfrespect and leaves..dadaji says he cannot understanf whose pain is more and whose pain is less..


Inder-Ilesh is playing with genda phool…Khichdi team arrives..(now iam having prob with names..hope i get it right)hansa says eat and go…disha says they should eat and go as tehy are guests…hansa says no and that she is still alive…the old man says they are not speaking abt ghosts…they server them juice…hansa says she wont drink as it is not matching..and that if she is wearing a black dress she will eat only burnt food..then they have confusion…suhaana thinks one of the men is th dulha..and then they speak abt give and take..and suhaana thinks abt dowry..and atlast ilesh finds out they are from khichdi movie and they ask everyone to watch their movie


R&D,Suhaana are dressing up anu…suhaana goes to take pins..meantime the others leave to see dulha..when anu goes she drops a letter…suhaana comes and reads it and comes to know that anu is loving the dulha’s bro…she tells R&D..inder..ilesh and ishaan…they all feel that this has happened before..and figures out its like hum appke hain kaun..they then think what to do..suhaana says they have to stop the wedding..and ishaan agrees saying the wedding where there is no mutual consent is useless…they now think of how to stop and again think of the movie and decides that the dog read the letter and stopped the marriage..hence now suhaana read the letter and so she has to stop the wedding…


Suhaana shouts stop it in the mandap..and says to the dulha that he has to read this before marriage and hands the letter.

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