Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th June 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th June 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Indu worrying for badi maa’s condition that Baraat will return if Simar 2 is seen near the mandap. Roma gets worried too. Gagan comes there and gets shocked seeing Simar 2 in bridal clothes. Roma closes the door. Gagan comes inside and asks what is happening? He asks where is Reema di? Roma says see your sisters, they have made the fun of marriage, and playing marriage game, and sharing the bridal dress. She says baraat can come at any time. Gagan says it has arrived, I came to tell you this. Aarav gets down from the car. Everyone comes to the marriage venue. Simar asks Aarav if they shall bring his bride. Roma asks where is Reema? Indu tells Simar 2 that she has troubled all her life, Reema used you for your selfish act and went, but we are ruined.

Roma asks did you forget me? Even I belong to this same family, tells that it will affect her too. Simar 2 says Reema di must be coming, I will call her. She calls Reema and finds her phone switched off. The contestants are on the stage. Reema reaches there. All the contestants pose for the competition. Reema tells that she is ready and goes to the stage, even though someone tries to stop her. Roma gets her father in law’s call and he asks if she needs her help. Roma says no. Indu asks where did she go? Simar 2 says Ms. India contest. Reema walks on the ramp. The judge signs someone. Devesh smiles seeing his plan working. Gagan asks why didn’t you tell us. Indu asks Simar 2 if Reema wants to become Ms. India. She fears that Gitanjali Devi will stop the wedding if she comes to know about Reema’s Ms. India. Simar 2 tells that Reema will come here, asks her to trust her. She says Reema di likes Aarav and this marriage is important for her. Roma asks trust, tells that the baraat is about to come and you are standing in Reema’s clothes. Just then they hear the baraat coming there.

Indu asks Gagan to get Ms. India contest number from internet and call. Gagan says he is trying. Roma worries about Shobha’s reaction. Gagan says he will go there and bring Reema back. Roma asks him not to tell anyone. Avinash greets the baraatis. Shobha asks Chitra where is your trump card, Reema’s father is talking calmly. Chitra gets Devesh’s message and says Oswal family’s bahu has escaped. The judges ask who is she? Reema says she is wild card entry, Reema Narayan. The helpers try to take her off stage. Devesh comes to the stage and says there is nothing like wild card entry and asks what is your name? Reema is shocked and says you have called me here. Devesh says wow, too much drama and masala. He claps. He says this is not TV show, this is international beauty pageant and rules and format are international. He says there is nothing like wild card entry in this contest. Reema says I have seen my name on the Ms. India website. She says you have taken my signature on the contest form. He says such websites fool people and says your mehendi and make up reveal that you are eloped bride from the marriage. He laughs and asks her to go and handle her house. She asks them to throw her out. Reema is shocked. Devesh says resume the competition. Reema pleads infront of Judges to give her a chance and says I have come here leaving my marriage. Devesh signs the helpers to take her out. Reema cries. Devesh smiles and recalls Reema insulting him. Gagan comes there and is stopped by the guards. The watchman stops him. Gagan asks him to understand. Reema is thrown out with her jacket. She recalls her insult. The contest continues. Reema picks her bag. Gagan says please let me go inside. Watchman says you are not allowed. Reema is coming out. Watchman asks him to go. Reema doesn’t see him and walks away from there.

Avinash makes Gajendra and Raj wear the garlands. Aarav smiles. Photographer asks them to dance. Badi Maa gets angry. Simar asks photographer to take the pics. Badi Maa asks Simar to call Indu and Roma and says all the guests have arrived, just family members are missing. Badi maa says nothing wrong shall happen today.

Precap: Chitra asks Sandhya to call the bride. Reema asks Devesh if he got this day only to take revenge from her. She says my baraat must have come there, and I am here. She runs. Devesh smiles. Avinash tells Indu that one daughter eloped and other sitting as fake bride, this thing will be spread like a fire. Simar comes there and hears them.

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