Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the baraat coming inside. Aarav sits on the mandap. Vivaan tells him that press photographer wants to take his pic. Aarav poses for the pic. Simar gets worried seeing Avinash talking to someone. Indu talks to Gagan and asks if Reema is found. Gagan says no and tells that he couldn’t go inside. Indu cries and asks Simar 2 what Reema had promised that she will come in 2 hours, but didn’t come. She cries and says you have killed us. Avinash comes there and calls Reema, asking her to come out fast. He finds Indu crying and asks why are you crying, our daughter is not yet married, save your tears for your bidaai. Indu hugs him and cries. He says our daughter is with us. He looks at Simar 2 and comes to her. He makes her turn towards him and gets shocked to see her dressed as the bride. He says Simar. Simar 2 says Papa. He asks where is Reema? Devesh comes out and acts to feel pity on her. He says see your condition, I had told you that you are not Ms. India material. He says today I will show your value and shows the coin. Reema recalls giving him a tip. She grabs his collar and says you lied to me and provoked me. He says fake selection letter, tells that it was sent by me, but everything was fake. Reema says today I am insulted due to you, I will…she raises her hand to slap him. He brushes off her hand and asks her not to do any mistake. He says I wanted to show you, how it feels to get insulted infront of everyone. Reema asks did you get this day to take revenge from me, today I was about to marry and mandap is set. Devesh says first you used me, then Vivaan and then his brother. She says I will not leave you. He says today was your marriage, even your marriage will be Swaha. He holds her hand and says congratulations to Ms. Reema Narayan, wild card entry. He laughs aloud. Reema runs from there.

Chitra asks Sandhya to call the bride and says mahurat is going. Avinash tells Indu that if something happens to me then Simar 2 will be the reason, tells that he used to think that she is very understanding and knows how to handle the world, but first that photo in newspaper, singing in mehendi and now this. He asks if she will take his life. Simar 2 asks him not to say this. Avinash says I will always remember this and will never forgive you. Simar 2 says Reema di had said. Indu asks her not to touch them and scolds her. Roma asks her to talk in low tone and says someone might hear. Avinash says let people hear, that bride has eloped. He says I called half city for my daughter’s marriage, photographers and media also waiting outside. He says this thing will spread like a fire so I will spread it. He says people shall know what Professor narayan’s daughters are doing. Simar is coming there. Avinash says one daughter eloped from here and other daughter is standing here as fake bride. He says let people know, I will beg infront of them and rubbed my nose for the apology. He says forgive me that I gave birth to such daughters and cries. Simar 2, Roma and Indu cries. Roma asks Mata Rani to do some miracle. Avinash turns to go out and sees Simar standing on the door. Simar is shocked to see Simar 2 in bridal clothes.

She walks inside and looks at Simar 2. She says you are in bride’s clothes, where is Reema? Reema is running on the road to get the auto, but she couldn’t get any auto. She calls Simar 2, but her phone is not connecting. She gets an auto and asks him to drive fast. Avinash takes out his turban and is about to keep infront of Simar. Simar stops him, says please don’t do this. Avinash says I told the truth to you, but don’t have courage to tell Gitanjali Devi and her family. He asks her to ask them to take the baraat away, this marriage can’t happen, my daughters’ have blacken my face. He says I will pay for your expenses in this marriage, and will sell off my everything. He says I couldn’t face your family. He walks towards Simar 2 and says there is no place for your tears in my house, you have ruined us, you have no relation with us, everything is finished. Simar 2 apologizes to him and says I can’t stay without you all. Avinash asks her to forgive them and leave them on their condition. He holds her hand to take her out from there. Simar holds Simar 2’s hand and says 1 min. Simar 2 turns to Simar. Temple bell rings. Avinash leaves Simar 2’s hand. Simar closes the door and comes to Simar 2. She says nobody has to go anywhere. Indu says baraat. Simar says it is outside this room, this secret is inside that Reema eloped from here to attend Ms. India contest. She says if we don’t tell anyone till this marriage completes then nobody will know.

Precap: Simar takes the responsibility of Simar 2’s marriage and tells that she will bear all the scolding and not Simar 2. She will protect her like a shield. Simar 2 says how can I marry by cheat? Simar tells that she has trust that she couldn’t find a better girl in the whole world for Oswal family than her. She takes Simar 2 to the mandap. Simar 2 sits with Aarav for the marriage. Reema is still on the way.

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