Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th June 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th June 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Simar giving Avinash’s turban back to him. She tells that she couldn’t even think what they are going through right now, and feeling so helpless. She says she feels that Reema has done a big mistake than Simar 2. She says Reema has eloped and Simar 2 is standing infront of you hearing your scolding. Indu asks what to do with her support. Simar says I am not saying that Simar 2 didn’t do any mistake, says her mistake is that she was supporting her sister and helped her. She says Simar 2’s intention was not wrong. Simar 2 nods yes. Simar tells Avinash and Indu that Reema has eloped, mandap is decorated for her, today is her marriage and asks if it is not her responsibilities towards you all, Aarav and Oswal family. She says when Reema didn’t think all this, then why you are blaming Simar only. She asks them to look at Simar and says she is burdened by the bridal outfit. Avinash says whatever may be, now this marriage can’t happen. Simar asks them to trust her. She tells that Badi Maa called her to Agra with a special purpose. She says badi maa gave me the responsibility to choose a true lifepartner for Aarav and to choose a responsible bahu for the family. She says when I took up this responsibility then I will take the right decision. She says I understood Mata Rani’s signs which she is giving me since many days. Indu asks what do you mean? Simar says Mata Rani doesn’t want Aarav and Reema to marry, tells that she was in dilemma and confusion, but today she will do what her heart says and believe me this is right for everyone. Roma gets Gagan’s call. Gagan tells Roma that Reema di is not found, what to do. Simar asks him to return fast and says marriage will happen and on the same mandap. She folds her hands and asks Avinash to give Simar 2’s hand for her Aarav. She turns to Simar 2 and recalls badi Maa questioning her. She smiles and thinks of Mata Rani accepting her as Aarav’s bride. She recalls Aarav telling that Simar 2 is like him, and thinks of reading Simar 2’s letter and realizing that she is in love with Aarav. She asks Simar 2 if she will become Oswal’s family bahi bahu. She asks Simar 2 if she will become Aarav’s life partner. Simar 2 is shocked. Simar says I know this decision is very difficult to be taken and says both families respect are in your hand now and you can save it. She says you might have understood what I want, but this decision shall be yours.

Reema is on the way in the auto. Aarav is sitting in the mandap still. Chitra says mahurat time is going on and Reema’s family is missing. Shobha asks them to find out where is Reema, and asks if Aarav will take rounds alone. Chitra says Simar went to bring her. Simar tells Simar 2 that she might be thinking that this is the wrong way to get married, even I accept it, but I can see beyond this mistake. She says I am seeing that you will fulfill this relation very beautifully. She talks about husband and wife’s trust on each other, selfless love and sacrifice for each other. She says if these things are not there, then the relation will break in a moment. She says I am not telling that this depends on only wife, no. but God made woman more understanding than the man and that’s why they can either build the house or ruin it. She tells I have seen the sacrifice emotion in you, I have seen how you have sacrificed your first love for Reema di’s happiness. She says I have seen love and care for Aarav in your eyes and I have always seen that your family respect and customs are everything for you. She says you can go to any extent for your family’s happiness and that’s why I can say this with full confidence that I will not get good bahu than you for Oswal family in this whole world. She says may be nobody will accept you and regard you as the bahu, you have to go through many test, but when they see you from my sight then they will accept you and will give you so much happiness and love. She says the journey is very difficult and you have to cover this distance alone. Avinash and Indu looks on. Simar 2 says she can’t do this and asks her to understand. Simar asks why? She says you are mata rani’s bhakt and lost the courage so easily. She asks how can you lose your courage so easily. She takes out her Mata Rani pendant and chain and makes Simar 2 wear it with her hand. She says whenever your courage break or when you see everything blurred, then this thing will remind you why you chose this journey, for your love and family. She folds her hands and asks Avinash and Indu to take Simar 2 to the mandap. Avinash tells Simar that they can’t support her and says this is all wrong. Chitra tells Badi Maa that if something is wrong, as all the family is missing. Shobha says anything can happen, where Narayan family is there. Pandit ji says mahurat is ending. Chitra says shall I call the bride? Badi Maa says I will go.

Reema gets caught in the traffic jam. Auto driver tells her about the jam. Reema asks him to take out auto somehow. He says he can’t, due to the jam. Reema pays him money and runs on the road.

Avinash says I can’t support you in this thing, Aarav and Simar, no. Indu says this is betrayal with Aarav and his family and we can’t take this sin on our head. She says if Gitanjali devi comes to know then she will never forgive us. Simar says marriage happens with trust and says how will I fulfill this relation when the start is based on lie. She says I am ready to apologize to whoever you say, but I can’t do this big sin. Simar asks Simar 2 if you think about your family and their respect. She says if baraat returned today then what will happen with your parents, if Reema and your marriage can happen anywhere again. Roma tells Simar 2 that Simar is right and tells that this big incident will never leave you. Simar asks Avinash who will be responsible for Oswal family’s disrespect and says if anything happens to badi maa due to this trauma, who will take up this responsibility. She says please Simar 2, save both the families respect and prestige, I am asking your life and asks her to save everything. She asks her to say yes for this marriage.

Indu says today will be saved, but how we will save tomorrow. Simar says you are worried about your daughter’s future and tells that whatever she has to tell, she will tell them and will protect Simar 2 like a shield. She asks them to do her kanyadaan being her parents and forwards her pallu. She requests them to set Aarav’s home, give bahu to Oswal’s family, give your younger daughter Simar 2 to us. She asks them to stop baraat from returning. Avinash and Indu look at each other. Reema is running on the road and is about to fall. She continues to run. Badi maa comes and finds Simar bringing the bride while Avinash and others are holding the bridal mandap. She looks at Simar. Simar smiles. Badi Maa signs them to come. Pandit I says call the bride fast. Avinash, Indu and Roma bring Simar 2 in the mandap with veil on her head. Chitra, Shobha and Raj are shocked. Gagan comes there and holds the mandap cloth. Simar 2 is teary eyes and tensed. Gagan, Avinash, Indu and Roma get tensed. Aarav looks at the bride in veil.

Precap: Aarav and Simar 2 gets married. He fills sindoor in her maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Reem comes to the marriage venue and tells that today is her marriage. A lady informs her that marriage, rounds, bidaai everything happened. Reema is shocked. Simar 2 and Aarav come home. Badi Maa lifts her ghunghat and gets shocked. Simar gets tensed. Aarav, Vivaan, Sandhya and others get shocked.

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