Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th June 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th June 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Avinash getting shocked and sits tensed. Gagan says whatever wanted to happen, has happened? Avinash says something will happen now and tells that he is shaken up after whatever they have done with Aarav’s family. Vivaan comes out and sees the decoration taken off. He thinks marriage is over and asks the lady to take care of the unconscious girl in the green room and tells that he will be back. Simar 2 is crying in the car. Aarav gives tissue paper to Simar 2. Simar 2 takes it and wipes her tears. Reyansh tells Aditi to see what is going on back seat silently. Aditi asks him to shut up and see infront. Reyansh puts the sudden break. Aarav keeps hand on Simar 2’s ghunghat, and asks if she is fine. He tells that she told him something last night and says today he wants to reply to her. He says I love you too Reema. Simar thinks she has betrayed Reema and Aarav and now they can’t unite because of her.

Gupta ji tells Chitra and Raj that they have betrayed her. They ask him to wait and tells that they have called the reporters to lift the curtain from the truth. Gupta ji goes. Chitra tells Raj that time has come that Vivaan shall know why they have done this and shall understand it. Vivaan is in the car and thinks who is the girl, who got ready to part of this lie. Aarav gets down from the car and gives his hand to Simar 2. Simar 2 is skeptical. Aarav says I am the one whom you have chosen, I will never leave you. Simar 2 gives her hand in Aarav’s hand. He asks her to come and says lets go to our home. Simar 2 steps out of the car. Reyansh asks them to come. Simar 2 sees her face in the car’s mirror. Aditi says all these arrangements are for you and says welcome home. Vivaan thinks to reach home and tell this truth to everyone, says this drama has to end. Aarav and Simar 2 are walking inside.

Badi Maa asks Sandhya if she has done all the arrangements to welcome Reema bahu. She tells Simar that Aarav is bringing her grand bahu and gets emotional. Sandhya says I never saw you this much happy. Avinash recalls Simar requesting him to give Simar 2’s hand in marriage with Aarav. He recalls Badi Maa’s words that Simar 2 can’t become anyone’s bahu. He recalls Badi Maa asking her to keep Simar 2 stay away from their marriage and mandap. He gets a heart attack and faints. Gagan shouts Papa. Indu and Roma look at him and gets shocked. Gagan runs to Avinash. Indu, Gagan and Roma ask him to open his eyes. He closes his eyes. Indu shouts Avinash. She asks Gagan to call ambulance. Simar prays to Mata Rani and says today I need you, Simar 2 needs you, be with her and support her. She says I am very worried and tells that I am sure that my decision is not wrong, and I know that you are with me in this decision. She says I have taken this big step thinking about Aarav and this family, but she is shocked thinking what will happen, when the truth comes out, how much time they will take to accept Simar 2. She says Simar 2 agreed to my sayings and tells that she didn’t think about herself and did this for two family’s respect. She tells Mata Rani that everything is in her hands and asks her to support her Simar 2. She says Jai Mata di and closes her eyes.

Vivaan reaches home. Raj stops him. Vivaan says you don’t know what Mom has done, I have to tell everyone. Chitra comes there and shouts Vivaan. She asks what did I do? Sandhya does Aarav and Simar 2’s aarti. Aarav holds her while the photographer clicks the pics. Sandhya says today I am very happy to get a daughter too, along with bahu. She says welcome to the family Reema. Shobha thinks what happens with their daughters is known to everyone. Sandhya asks Simar 2 to leave her hand impression on the house wall. Simar 2 dips her hand on the haldi plate and leaves her hand impressions on the mirror walls. Everyone claps. Simar comes there. Sandhya asks her to kick the kalash and gets inside, says today is your grah pravesh and asks her to come inside. Aarav whispers to her that this moment is the best moment of my life and I will remember it always. Simar 2 kicks the kalash and gets inside. Jai Mata di plays….Simar asks her to walk inside. Simar 2 keeps her feet on the red color water and walks inside leaving her feet impressions on the floor.

Badi Maa comes there and calls her, Reema bahu. She says you are welcome in this house. She looks at Aarav and tells that Oswal family’s third generation, elder bahu, you got this status. She tells that she has to fulfill her responsibility being elder bahu. Aarav says the day will not come, when you have to get upset. She takes out bad sight from them and asks Bhairav to give money to the poor. She says now muh dikhayi time have come. Simar 2 gets shocked. Badi Maa holds her hand. Simar 2 gets shaken up. Badi Maa notices her worry. Sandhya asks if you are fine and says she will see. Simar says she must be tired. Badi Maa asks Sandhya to let them rest. Simar 2 tells Simar that she is very scared. Simar says we will face the situation together and asks her not to worry. Sandhya says all the family members and even Aarav wants to see you. Simar prays to Mata Rani not to break her trust. Vivaan asks how could you do this with Bhai? Chitra says she has done this for him and tells that she don’t want her son to be number 2. She says Simar calls you Aarav’s reflection and I don’t want this to happen. She says I want you to be the boss. Vivaan calls her selfish to ruin everyone. She says my Bhai will be shattered and his life will be ruined. He says I have to tell him. Chitra stops him and asks what you want to say and asks why you want to drag us in this drama and wants to humiliate us.

Vivaan says what about you ruining someone’s life. Chitra says I have done this for your betterment, and tells that she is wrong. She plays mind games with him and says I always thought about you reaching heights, and if it is wrong then I am wrong. Raj asks him to go and tell the truth to Badi Maa, says you know what is our value here, go and save your brother. He says we will bear if we are kicked out from here, don’t do the duty of a son, but fulfills the duty of a brother. Vivaan says I guess you are right and says my duty as a brother is on the top of every relation. He comes inside. Aarav asks Vivaan where was you? Vivaan says I need to talk to you. Aarav says we will talk later, Badi Maa came for muh dikhayi rasam. Badi Maa says Reema bahu, I have kept this jewellery for Aarav’s wife separately and asks her not to think it just as a jewel. She tells that first Mata Rani has the right to see our bahu. Simar 2, Simar and Vivaan get tensed. Photographers get ready to click the pictures. Badi Maa makes Simar 2 turns to her. Chitra smiles. Simar and Simar 2 gets teary eyes. Badi Maa lifts Simar 2’s ghunghat. The photographers click the pictures. Badi Maa closes her eyes due to the flash lights. Sandhya sees Simar 2 and says Simar. Chitra and Raj smiles. Everyone is shocked. Aarav and Badi Maa look on shocked. Badi Maa lifts her veil fully and sees her face. Sandhya keeps her hand on her mouth. Aarav looks at Simar 2’s face and gets shocked.

Precap: Simar tells Badi Maa that she is responsible for whatever happened. Badi Maa says you have broken my ego by doing this and for this she will be punished. She is about to slap her, when Mata ji comes there to protect her Simar.

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