Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd June 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd June 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Simar praying to Mata Rani that she showed her the way to this relation today and now she is leaving everything in her hand. She says you have to strengthen Aarav and Simar 2’s relation that nobody can shaken up their relation till 7 births. She says I trust you that you will not punish Simar 2 for the mistake which she has not done. She asks Mata Rani to be with her, she needs you at every step and asks her to be her strength. Aarav comes there and asks what you have done? I used to think that if there is anyone after mata rani whom I shall trust is you, says I love you so much that I will say night if you say it is night. He asks why did you take wrong decision and betray me? Simar says if you trust me so much then how did you think that I have taken a wrong decision of your life.

Aarav says when I was 8 years old, Maa showed me sindoor’s bottle and told me that it is a big strength of a woman and I understood responsibility. He says I filled my name sindoor to the wrong person and asks if it was right to marry her, and asks how will you justify your act. He says I got married and took seven vows and saw my family insulted infront of media. He asks what is right in all this? Simar says Simar 2 is just right in all this. Simar is walking on the road and recalls Indu, Avinash scolding her for taking Reema’s place. She then recalls Simar asking them to give Simar 2’s hand in marriage with Aarav. Aarav tells that she is not repenting for anything and will not clarify for Simar 2. She asks do you think if it was easy for Simar 2 to get married with you, who was about to marry her elder sister. She says even she might be having her old desires and she killed it for both families responsibilities. She says Reema who ran away from Mandap, and says I don’t want to talk about that girl. She says Simar 2 had the option to refuse, but she didn’t refuse as she is like you. She says she can face any problem, but can’t bear to see her family in trouble. She says you does the same and asks him to tell how can such a girl be wrong. She says I agreed to your sayings, everyone complained and spoke their heart and feelings, but if anyone asked what is in her heart and how is she feeling? She says the pain which you are going though, she is also going through the same feelings. She asks if it is right that the girl is walking helplessly on the road today. Simar 2 is seen walking on the road helplessly.

Aarav says you said right that I can bear even a scratch on my family and today I saw Badi maa having blood tears. He says whatever Narayan’s family have done with us is not right and kept us in dark and betrayed us. Simar says whatever has happened, I have done it, it is not their mistake. She says you have given me a big place in your life and asks him to go and bring Simar 2 back. Simar 2 is still walking. Simar tells Aarav that you both are married today with all the rituals, you have filled sindoor on her forehead of your name and the bridal dress wearing which she is walking on the road is of your name. Simar 2 thinks of Badi Maa’s words, Reema’s words etc. Simar 2 reminds Aarav of the promise which he has given her during the marriage and asks him to bring her back. Aarav says I will give my life if you had asked, but can’t do this. Simar says only you can do this, you can’t let any innocent punished, you had told me that you trust me so much and says if there is any truthfulness in your talk then bring Simar 2 back. She gives him promise and asks him to bring his wife Simar Aarav Oswal back. Aarav looks at Mata Rani’s idol.

Simar 2 is still thinking of Badi Maa’s words about Narayan family. She recalls Aarav breaking the pearls necklace and cries.

In the hospital, Shobha’s husband tries to revive Avinash’s heart beat. Avinash starts breathing and his heart beat is back. He signs Gagan that Avinash is fine. Gagan tells Indu and Roma. Indu thanks Mata rani. She says if anything had happened to him. Shobha’s husband says he is out of danger and you can take him home after sometime. Simar 2 calls Indu, but nobody sees the call. Simar 2 says Maa, I need you, please pick the call. Some goons see her and snatches phone from her hand. They surround her while sitting on their bikes. Simar 2 pleads with them to let her go. The goon asks how can we let you go so easily and asks her to give her jewellery. She pushes the goon, snatches mobile from other goon’s hand and runs. The goons run behind her. Aarav is coming in the car and stops seeing someone infront of the car. Simar 2 is coming running there, and Aarav feels her presence, but the beggar asks him to give money and says he is hungry. Aarav gives him money. Beggar blesses his Jodi. Aarav thinks to go to Simar 2’s house. Simar 2 runs and calls Avinash and Indu. The goon comes infront of her and says it is very difficult to get saved from us. Simar 2 picks the dry leaves from the ground and throws on the goons. She runs away. Aarav reaches Narayan House and finds it locked. He thinks where did they go, at this time and even door is locked. He calls Simar 2, but her number is switched off. He thinks if Simar 2 and her family are in danger, thinks I have promised Maasi that I will bring Simar 2 back in the house, and thinks where did she go? He asks where are you Simar? And hits his hand on the wall. Simar 2 is still running away from goons.

Precap: The goon takes off Simar 2’s ghunghat and throws in air. Aarav catches it and beats the goons. He lifts Simar 2 and brings her home.

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