Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th March 2023 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aarav telling that Simar is proud of them and their decision. Simar says you are really my pride. Badimaa sees Simar and says Dubroo is behind you, asks her to get saved. Simar asks her not to react and tells that Dubroo came to help us. Badimaa thanks him. Simar says your children are courageous like you. Nazar gives a chance to Aarav to bring Simar back and to save Badimaa. She brings apple with her magic in her hand and asks him to eat the apple. She says whatever I touch can be poisonous and asks if he will eat it. Aarav says yes, I can do anything for my Badimaa and Simar and asks her to give. Nazar throws apple at Aarav, but Gajendra catches it and becomes golden apple. Everyone is shocked and shouts.

Aarav asks Nazar, what you have done and says I will not leave you. Nazar takes the apple in her hand and tries to bite it, and says you have already lost your mother and now father, and see your badimaa’s condition. Badimaa is about to cry. Simar asks her to control her emotions. Nazar Simar asks her to control her emotions. Nazar throws apple at Chandini and her mother. Badimaa cries and prays to Mata Rani.

Simar and Dubroo are in Chandini’s room. Simar tells him about Baba’s words that magic can cut magic and says we have to search something which can reverse Nazar’s magic. Dubroo says he can find out easily. He finds it.

He opens the cupboard and finds some boxes. Simar says there are just rope, apples etc in it. She asks if it is the apple which Papa ate. He says yes, and tells that it will not reverse her magic. Simar says but we can make these apples eaten by Nazar’s family so that she reverse her magic. He appreciates Simar and says he will make her size small again and then they will take the apples to them.

Nazar tells Reema that she is very beautiful and attractive, so two beautiful girls can’t stay in one sword. She says her next target is her. She keeps apple on her head and makes her stand on one leg, says she will throw knife at the apple. Reema is scared. Vivaan asks Nazar to leave Reema and harm him instead. Nazar says she is not his relative to agree to him. She tells Chandini and her mother that last time when she had aimed, the knife had hit the person and not at the apple. Chandini and her mother say everyone has to die. Nazar closes her eyes and throws knife at Reema. Simar asks Dubroo to save her sister. Dubroo gives her something. Chitra faints. Simar throws it at the knife, before it could kill Reema. Giriraj tells Chitra that Reema is fine. Nazar throws knife at Reema again, but Simar saves her. Nazar gets angry and throws golden apple out of the window. Everyone runs out to get it. Simar says she has to go and get Papa. Dubroo says we shall concentrate on our plan to make them have apple, this is our last chance. He keeps the magical apple in the apples basket. Chandini and her mother come there and sit on the sofa. Chandini takes the apples and eats it, she becomes golden apple. Her mother is shocked. Simar is happy and thinks she will save Papa now.

Precap: Simar tells Nazar that like her, her husband had come here with bad intention and his death was accidental. Nazar says she will do for what she has come. She holds Aarav’s neck to kill him. Simar takes trishul and keeps on Nazar’s neck.

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