Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th June 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th June 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aarav keeping the letter in the chain box. Simar smiles. Aarav asks when did you come? Simar says I was just looking at you and says you are looking handsome. He thanks her. Simar wishes that his marriage with his life partner stays longer and will be full of happiness and trust. She says badi Maa is waiting for you. Sandhya does his aarti and prays for his happiness. Badi Maa tells that this is their ancestral brooch, and they believe that it brings prosperity. She asks Simar to tie brooch to his turban. Simar asks I? Badi Maa says yes, today is your Aarav’s marriage. Simar ties brooch on his turban and tells that today they will become one. Aarav says I will protect my wife and respect her. Vivaan asks Aarav to relax and chill, as he is not the first one who is getting married. He says you are lucky to get your life partner of your choice and asks him to be happy. Badi Maa reminds Aarav that today is his marriage and all Agra people will have their eyes on them. She asks him not to do anything wrong and reminds of her warning. Simar 2 asks Reema what did she do and tells that you brought me to the bridal pandal and tells that if Papa comes to know then? She says he thinks me guilty. Reema says you have to sit here wearing the bridal dress for 2 hours, I will return before the marriage.

Simar 2 asks her to get ready for the marriage and is about to leave. Reema emotionally blackmails her threatening to end her life, and keeps knife on her wrist. She tells that she has been dreamt of becoming Ms. India since her childhood and you was with me. She asks her to help her. Simar 2 asks her not to take any extreme step and agrees to do whatever she says and hugs her. Reema says I will make you get ready, makes her get ready with make up and bridal dress. Simar 2 gets ready as the bride. Reema says I will change and come. She comes back after changing her clothes and says perfect, now nothing wrong will happen. Roma comes there and knocks on the door, asking reema if she got ready. Simar says Roma di. Reema asks her to be quiet and tells Roma that she is getting ready and asks her not to come and disturb her. Roma goes. Reema ties the kalire to her hands and it falls down. Simar 2 tells Reema that if a kalire falls on any girl then it means that the girl will become the bride. Reema says you are becoming bride for 2 hours and tells that she will go and return soon. She leaves. Simar 2 prays that Reema shall return soon.

Gagan asks Avinash to relax and says Oswal family are punctual. Avinash asks him to go and see the arrangements. He gets emotional as Reema is getting married. Indu says Reema got happily ready for the marriage. He hopes she goes to her sasural without any problem. He looks for the florist and sees him, and stops her. Reema stops. Avinash calls the florist. Reema goes.

Sandhya tells Gajendra that our Aarav used to say in childhood that he will sit on chariot when he becomes groom. She says when did he grow young. Badi Maa says lets go. They all sit in the car and leave for the marriage. Shobha asks if this is a baraat without band baja. Chitra says soon it will be a blast and the Oswal family will hear the sound for many years. Simar 2 is tensed and asks herself to have patience and trusts Mata Rani. She asks Mata Rani if everything will be fine. Just then she hears Pandit ji doing the puja and gets worried. Roma comes there and knocks on the door asking Reema to open the door. Simar 2 thinks what to do and sits with veil on her face. Roma asks are you ready and says today you are looking beautiful. She tells that she is very happy today, tells that baraat left from Oswal mansion. She calls Indu. Indu says Reema is looking beautiful and reminisces their drama and tantrums. Simar 2 cries in veil. Roma asks her not to cry and says I will correct your make up. Simar 2 holds her hand to stop her. Roma says you want to do it yourself. Simar 2 takes the tissue. Indu and Roma hope for her happy life. Indu asks her to forgive Simar 2 and says she is yearning to see you in bridal clothes. She asks her to call her once and talk to her. Roma says I will call Simar and tells that both of them shall talk. She calls Simar 2. Simar 2 gets tensed as her phone rings there itself.

Indu finds Simar 2’s phone there and asks Reema. She then sees Simar 2 in the mirror kept on her lap and says Simar shockingly. She lifts her veil and gets shocked to see Simar 2 instead of Reema. Roma is also shocked to see Simar 2. Simar 2 gets up. Roma asks what are you doing here, what is nonsense and asks where is Reema? Reema goes to the Ms. India contest, Agra. The guard stops her and asks if she has invitation. Reema says she is contestant. He says contestants entry is already done. Reema gives him money and gets inside. Gagan tells that baraat is about to come. Avinash says he will welcome the baraat. Indu asks Simar 2 where is Reema? Simar 2 says Reema di asked me to sit here as she has to go somewhere, and tells that she has promised me that she will return in 2 hours and will get married. She says she asked for this gift from me before her bidaai and I couldn’t refuse. Indu asks if you are a 2 years old girl that you agreed her sayings and worn this bridal dress. She asks Simar 2 if she knows that she has done a big mistake, and tells that she has risked two families’ life. She says you would have called us to stop Reema. Indu prays to Mata Rani to call Reema back and cries badly. Simar 2 asks where are you di, come back fast. Reema removes the coat and looks forwards.

Precap: Reema participates in the Ms. India contest. Badi Maa asks Simar to call Roma and Indu and says nothing wrong shall happen. Avinash says baraat is waiting, one daughter eloped from here and other is sitting here as the fake bride. Simar comes there and sees Simar 2 dressed as the bride.

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