Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2015 Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Sasural Simar Ka 31st October 2015 Written Episode

Indravati gets scared seeing the lady and leaves Mataji. Mataji takes the holy water and sprinkles it on Prem and he leaves Simar and says sorry to her. Simar tells Prem not to blame himself for what he did with her. Indravati asks the lady how she came here. She vanishes from there after saying that she can’t come here. Mataji tells the lady that Indravati still can’t face her and tells her to save her family. Simar thanks the lady for coming to their house and they will have to be more careful now.

The lady tells that she feels that some sort of magic and spell is related to all this. She tells that she is with Simar and she is not afraid of Indravati. Suddenly the lights starts flickering and Indravati comes back. Indravati tells that evil also comes back like good deeds. Simar tells that evil can never win over good and the lady present here will bring her end. Everyone gets shocked seeing Indravati and the lady laugh together. Indravati tells that the lady helped her to become a witch 100 years back.

The lady comes to real form after chanting some mantra. Indravati tells Simar that its not possible for her to finish her. Indravati tells Simar that she knew she sent Amar after her. Simar asks what she did with Amar. Indravati tells that its not possible to play with her. She tells Simar that she casted magic spell on Amar and he did what she told him to do.

Indravati tells how she met her Guru when she told Amar to take her to the lady whom he wanted Simar to meet. She challenges everyone to prevent her from trapping Simar in the pot as she won’t be able to come out of it ever.

Precap-Indravati finds Simar and tells that her game will be over now. She starts chanting some mantra.

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  1. piyush
    November 02, 03:53 Reply

    maine to dekhana hi band kardiya hai

  2. aditi
    November 01, 21:39 Reply

    Why u all are voting this is wring written update

  3. Esha
    November 01, 13:56 Reply

    Guys u all are happy now. You all want Roli but see what Indravati has done with Simar????? You all are continuously behaving like a kid and in return directors changed the story. There is no Roli and Simar. Bohat buri lagti thi na Simar ab tu Khush ho run
    Sab. Simar has left the show. Khush hojao. Idiots and brainless audience.SSK is nothing without Simar and Roli. Pehlay Roli ab Simar. Ab tu Khush ho yum Sab. Simar bhi chali gai.I cryed alot seeing this episode. Ab tu SSK daikhnay ka koi bhi jawab nai hai. Well Done audience directors have done what you all want. You all hate Simar and don’t want her action, now see Simar left the Show. Roli Kay baad mein SSK sirf aur sirf Simar ki waja sae daikhti thi but now it’s just waistage of time.
    Hate SSK and hate all those ppl who hate Simar.

    • chanda
      November 02, 01:15

      Esha aap aisa kiu bol rahi ho k simar ko hate karte hai pple and koi nehi chata simar ko.its ur wrong think.sab simar ko like karte hsi aur rosim ko sath me dekhna chate hsi.kya kisine kavi ye likha ki simar ko like nehi karte bss ye likha ki roli ko v chahiye.

    • Esha
      November 02, 03:48

      Yeah i agree but most ppl said plz stop showing simar action what was that??????? Tell na??????

      I like Simar-Roli from bottom of my hearts but bcoz of ppl childish and kiddish behavior directors have shown this.

      You tell me Without Simar and Roli SSK is interesting????? Tell na.
      when Roli is not there then Simar is there. Atleast drama mein jaan tu thi but ab tu Roli kay saath Simar bhi nai hai. Ab SSK will be like boring. though story line is interesting but whene main lead is not present then interesting story ka kya karna.

      U tell every time ppl comment simar ko mat dekkhao. simar ka action mat dekhao. What was that??????

      Let me tell you one thing Simar-Roli are best. and i like both of them from core of my heart. Simar-ROli best jodi.

      Tell me?????

    • Chanda
      November 02, 06:32

      Yes esha u r right nd i agree with u.u r right ki without roli simar not interesting ssk.we all love two sister roli simar not only simar ya roli.don’t worry esha i m sure that simar will come in ssk for her fans.

    • Chanda
      November 02, 06:36

      Ek aur baat esha aise kitne hai jo roli k fans hai jo kitne dinse roli ko nehi dekh rahe hai jara unke bareme socho k unlogo ko roki k bina kitna bura lagraha hoga.simar nehi hai ham ekdin nehi sahe parahe hai to woh log kaise sahenge roli k bina.

  4. aditi
    November 01, 08:49 Reply

    Plz yaar koye to roli simar and aditi comments par reply karo plzzzzzz

  5. atipriya
    November 01, 06:28 Reply

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guys more coments plzzzzzzzzzzzzzkaro yaar pagal ho kaya tum log like vote maat karna because witten update is wrong only comment pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. simar
    November 01, 06:25 Reply

    I liked the new montage of ssk because there is roli in new montage are u all happy now plz reply fast plzz

    • Suvra
      November 02, 01:18

      Vety happy for roli but want two sister rosim tohether.yes thats true we all want roli.’s action but love roli and simar togher.

    • Suvra
      November 02, 01:20

      Yes vety hsppy for roli but want rosim togther.want big action of roli but want roli and simar

    • chanda
      November 02, 01:22

      Very happy

    • Divya
      November 02, 01:24

      Very very happy for roli and roli action but want rosim togethet

    • Tina
      November 02, 01:27

      Yes very very happy for roli and her action but want rosim

    • Sanam
      November 02, 01:30

      Yes very very happy for roli and her action but want rosim

    • Aku
      November 02, 03:39

      I can’t understand what r u saying.pls explain us.what u mean new montage of roli.pls simar its request tell me.

    • Esha
      November 02, 03:51

      No we wnat two sisters together. I want Simar-Roli together and their fight. Plzzzz without them SSK is nothing. Plzzz we want Simar-Roli together. Their love, true bonding, cute scenes. Plzzzzzz


  7. roli
    November 01, 06:20 Reply

    This is too much stop irritating us u should add written update fast this is disgusting dimag maat karab karo jaladi add karo fast fast other wise I have to write complain against yr director that u add very late written update and u add wrong written update

    ami right guys plzzzzzzzzzz reply fast plz

    • Tista
      November 02, 03:35

      Yes u r right roli.

    • Sanam
      November 02, 03:37

      Yes fast right update.this is wrong update

  8. aditi
    November 01, 00:11 Reply

    Wrong written update what the he’ll is this

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